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SuperDAO 0 Superdao is an efficient, tiered & reputation based, Ethereum decentralized autonomous organization governance system for incentivized, collaborative management, multiple dapp ventures. Superdao enables collaboration of innovators and communities into strong thriving forces. Superdao is a collection of various entities, individuals and autonomous agents cooperating virtually without any geographical limitations to achieve a common goal and enabled by open source, democratic software, 12 days click 1 Vote
PEOPLE 6 PEOPLE is an experiment modeling the planet's population growth. 6 days click 0 Vote
AdShares 4 Adshares Network is a decentralized, peer-to-peer market for programmatic advertising. Adshares gives advertisers and publishers ability to trade directly without the need for centralized ad exchanges. 11 days click 0 Vote
Polybius 4 Polybius Bank will combine features of modern banking, IoT, Big Data and Blockchain-based technologies while also meeting security and UX requirements. The Digital Pass technology, developed by HashCoins and implemented into Polybius Bank, will serve as an automation and digitalization ecosystem, allowing us to not only integrate single companies, but entire industries enabling access to financial and industrial services in the same Pass, at a click’s hand. 12 days click 0 Vote
Venture 3 Starting:
2020-08-06 click 0 Vote
QVOLTA 2 P2P cryptocurrency-fiat exchange 22 days click 0 Vote
openZen 1 Zen is an application and a decentralised network. What does it mean? It means that all the information is stored not on a single server or data centre, but on people’s computers. Obviously it’s encrypted. Decentralisation provides complete protection of the user’s information.Zen is a desktop application which is an alternative to browser. 27 days click 0 Vote
Jincor 1 Jincor - a decentralized ecosystem for workplace and cross-company interaction, external business relationships and crypto-based asset transactions Starting:
2017-11-01 click 0 Vote
EncryptoTel 1 Encrypto Telecom offers radical new solutions for communication, contributing extensively to the ongoing global debate around privacy and civil liberties. Encrypted communication is the logical future for all traditional telecommunications. 12 days click 0 Vote
ECOBIT 1 Another unique EcoBit initiative is to use blockchain technology to deploy traceability disciplines on all EcoBit chain of produce movement. This is a classic challenge for ages and EcoBit is using NEM blockchain technology to track the certificates, movement and records with NEM's digital ledgers to ensure full integrity from production to delivery of EcoBit produce. 12 days click 0 Vote
POPULOUS 1 Populous is an invoice and trade finance platform built using the latest in blockchain technology. Populous uses XBRL, Z Score formula, Smart Contracts, Stable tokens and more to create a unique trading environment for investors and invoice sellers from all around the world. 12 days click 0 Vote
WINGS 1 WINGS DAO is an Ethereum based platform for the easy creation and funding of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO). 12 days click 0 Vote
Bitshares 1 The BitShares platform itself is run and maintained by the BitShares community–an open consortium of individuals and organizations committed to providing universal access to the power of smart contracts. Working together, this community has designed and developed the BitShares platform to include numerous innovative features which are not found elsewhere within the smart contract industry: 12 days click 0 Vote
Live Stars 0 Live Stars is the first platform in the webcam industry that implements blockchain solutions. Live Stars is a fundamentally new platform with different a business-model, based on the automation of processes. Integration of smart-contracts into business-logic and the financial segment of the platform provide more efficient, secure, and convenient communication between users, models, and the platform. 1 days click 0 Vote
Bit Life 0 The BLT token will be the medium through which the insured, their beneficiaries and other market participants interact with the platform. Holders of the BLT tokens will have the right to participate in voting. The results of voting will enact modification to contract and platform specific parameters. This may include insurance caps, market availability, fraud detection, licensed organization status (Validators), and other contract specific variables. 1 days click 0 Vote
VanillaPlay 0 VanillaPlay will be the world’s first open adult-themed video chat network. It is a part of a 6 month roadmap that will see the live rollout of our video chat platform by February. 2 days click 0 Vote
Eagle Project 0 Multiplatform application development, capable of interacting and providing our equipment autonomy and more efficiency in the perfomance of its tasks, using continuous navigation in GPS networks. 2 days click 0 Vote
Copy Trader 0 Copy Trader is simple yet powerful ethereum Dapp designed to connect crypto experts with new traders 3 days click 0 Vote
Grants — Music and Video Monetization 0 Ever wanted to quickly access your Blockchain funds but had to download the Blockchain for hours before doing so? The Waves Lite Client connects to public Waves nodes in order to retreive up-to-date Blockchain Information. 4 days click 0 Vote
CRYPTOGENE 0 Cryptogene's mission is to provide blockchain-based solutions, especially for African countries. The project targets Africa as its primary base and seeks to create better integration and development using the plethora of advantages the blockchain technology offers. 4 days click 0 Vote
TOKENBOX 0 With the development of blockchain technology and the rapid growth of the crypto-currency market, new opportunities appear consistently in the field of Investment. 4 days click 0 Vote
BioNT - Advanced Pharma Intelligence 0 Advanced Pharma Intelligence GmbH develops and enhances its systems (existing and planned new systems) and business development (commercialisation of existing beta tested and to be developed ones). 4 days click 0 Vote
INS ECOSYSTEM 0 The INS team has 50+ years of combined experience in the grocery industry. In 2013 we founded Instamart, the leading same-day grocery delivery service in Russia. 4 days click 0 Vote
Pylon Network 0 Pylon Network is structured with only one purpose: to create the first open, renewable energy exchange community, which will provide the energy markets with the signals and financial incentives that current energy policies and governance systems, are failing, or delaying to provide. 4 days click 0 Vote
Smoke Exchange 0 The Smoke Exchange is the worlds first self-serve advertising platform for the marijuana industry. This digital marketplace will enable advertisers and publishers to buy and sell advertising space on a real-time auction based bidding platform. 4 days click 0 Vote
Bank of memories 0 We created the new service for those who wish to keep their assets safe, make them inheritable and remain anonymous. 5 days click 0 Vote
Cappasity 0 Cappasity is a well-trusted player in 3D digitizing and its applications for augmented and virtual reality. Cappasity introduces decentralized AR/VR Ecosystem that offers businesses an access to a broad range of 3D content. To simplify the content exchange between participants from all over the globe and create a borderless AR/VR community network, Cappasity proposes to use a proper utility token (ARToken) as the primary payment vehicle within the Cappasity AR/VR Ecosystem. 6 days click 0 Vote
3DES 0 The 3DES project developing a decentralized solution for 3D slicing problem announced a crowdfunding campaign. The pre-ICO start is scheduled for 25 September, 2017. The authors assume that the slicing speed problem can be solved using a decentralized slicer that allows users with low-power equipment to rent computing capacity from others, paying the service with DES tokens. In the end a user who paid the slicing service gets a generated G-Code - the mentioned list of commands for a 3D printer. 6 days click 0 Vote
ABIO Coin 0 ABIO Coin project is a unique tool for P2B (peer to business) lending of industrial enterprises on the basis of the blockchain algorithm. By crediting business at the stage of collecting funds the investor secures stable income in form of dividend payments depending on the limits of profitability of the enterprise, while internal blockchain system is responsible for the of distribution of means 6 days click 0 Vote
VISO (Pre-ICO) 0 VISO is a payment system that combines cryptocurrency and generally accepted payment cards and terminals into a single environment. 6 days click 0 Vote
the jibrel network 0 the jibrel network allows anyone to digitize, list, trade and sell traditional assets, such as currencies, bonds and other instruments, on-chain 6 days click 0 Vote
ETHLend 0 ETHLend is a decentralized peer to peer lending application built on top of the Ethereum Network, using blockchain technology to enable secure and transparent lending. ETHLend is developing a global lending market where borrowers and lenders from all parts of the world can participate in lending. The aim of ETHLend is to provide a transparent and global lending market and to erase interest rate differences between countries by providing more liquidity to local lending markets. 6 days click 0 Vote
3DES 0 Мы спроектировали децентрализованную платформу слайсинга. Отныне это её задача: быстрый и дешёвый слайсинг. 6 days click 0 Vote
Cypher Mobile 0 We would like to introduce to you Cypher, a mobile application using geo location technology to bring you a gaming experience tied in with blockchain technology and it's own cryptocurrency marketplace. Starting:
2017-10-22 click 0 Vote
1World Tokens (1WO) 0 1World is revolutionizing online media with blockchain technology and incentives for audience engagement. 6 days click 0 Vote
DWT TOKEN 0 D-Wallet is an innovative electronic payments service provider offering complete payment solution over Web. Our services include Exchange, E-Wallet to hold real as well as cryptocurrencies, Merchant Payment Gateway 6 days click 0 Vote
RET 0 "RET" platform brings together investors, property owners and tenants, providing services for concluding transactions for investing, selling and renting commercial and residential real estate: • Investors. Provides a hedging tool for risks associated with high volatility of the cryptic currency; • Prpperty Owners. Finds motivated tenants who provide stable income; • Tenants. Allows tenants to save money for subsequent purchase of real estate 6 days click 0 Vote
SOMA 0 Soma is a revolutionary decentralized platform which facilitates trade inside the Soma Community through a rewarding system that enables beneficial collaboration of the community members. 7 days click 0 Vote
SOMA 0 Soma is a revolutionary decentralized platform which facilitates trade inside the Soma Community through a rewarding system that enables beneficial collaboration of the community members. 7 days click 0 Vote
Dolphin BI 0 Our platform will help users to get quick and high-quality risk and profitability assessment of crypto asset investments. It combines evaluation using machine learning and evaluation by experts. The platform utilizes a smart contract to transparently distribute reward among experts based on their reputation and contribution. 7 days click 0 Vote
PLAY . Proof-of-PLAY 0 The platform PLAY enables other crypto-projects to build a vast user base and reach out to the public - far beyond the crypto-space. It provides a gamified way to attract and sign-up and convert people into crypto-enthusiasts! 8 days click 0 Vote
SMSCHAIN 0 The SMSCHAIN project is designed to create a reliable interconnected framework between Telecom companies, which will deliver A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS through users wanting to exchange their unused SMS for financial rewards. 8 days click 0 Vote
UNICOIN 0 UNICOIN’s objective is to create the world’s first art-tech cryptocurrency. In the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto, it will serve as an eye-opener that cryptocurrencies are a true alternative to the irrational foundations of the offline-markets. 8 days click 0 Vote
Tmrrw 0 We are a small team of 4 people that are building what we call the House of Tomorrow and the Marketplace of Tomorrow. 8 days click 0 Vote
Kryptopy 0 Kryptopy is a blockchain based third generation Social Network providing content sharing tools, trading tools for traders and combines concept of several successful social media with lessons learned from their mistakes and their community feedbacks. 9 days click 0 Vote
Beone 0 BeOne — is an innovative decentralized online education platform that enables users to make money by sharing skills, knowledge and experience. 9 days click 0 Vote
Crypto Charity Fund 0 Donation-management platform 9 days click 0 Vote
Galactikka 0 Galactikka is a powerfull social network with decentralized Ad platform and Reputational system where anyone get paid for content. 10 days click 0 Vote
EtherCat 0 We created EtherCat for use in the new country Catalonia, Euro probably will be out of circulation in the country and we´ll be mainstream and first use in Catalonia digital money. 10 days click 0 Vote
Rhea 0 Our main mission is to create a clear synergy between the worlds of finance and cryptocurrencies. Rhea aims to achieve a crypto-equity synergy by adopting the best features from both worlds. 10 days click 0 Vote
PRIVATIX 0 Decentralized and 100% autonomous P2P VPN Network on blockchain with the first Internet bandwidth marketplace powered by own crypto-economy 10 days click 0 Vote
BOULE ICO 0 Boulé is a new Ethereum Token that applies Blockchain technology to the Voting System, digitalizing paper-work ballots, giving remote voting opportunity to the electors, increasing voter turnout and making the voting process cheaper, faster and safer. Starting:
2017-10-25 click 0 Vote
Customizable Basic Income 0 Today, social initiatives are highly inefficient to run. It is often the case that a minority of funds used to implement a welfare or relief campaign actually end up serving the intended recipients. 10 days click 0 Vote
[ANN][ICO] 💠 FORTY SEVEN BANK 💠 – Connecting Financial Worlds  () 0 The mission of Forty Seven Bank and management team is to provide safe, innovative and user-friendly financial services and products to our customers - individuals, businesses, developers, traders, financial and governmental institutions. 10 days click 0 Vote
Esports Reward Token 0 We are gamers, and we know what gamers want. Thus, we will create the biggest esports portal in the world. 10 days click 0 Vote
BlockMason's Credit Protocol 0 11 days click 0 Vote
FundCoin 0 First ever Private Equity Token ICO. Early access to the booming blockchain industry diversified by private equity performing portfolios. Safer harbour for capital growth and preservation in a highly volatile crypto market. 11 days click 0 Vote
HextraCoin 0 The Hextracoin system is “Peer to peer” network. There is no server for this network and this network type does not stratify the priority of connected computers. 11 days click 0 Vote
Abjcoin(ABJ) 0 Abjcoin is an open source, peer-to-peer, community driven decentralized cryptocurrency. The first Nigeria Blockchain solution for frictionless Global payment. 11 days click 0 Vote
Bit Life and Trust 0 Prior to the modern age, communities formed around geographic locations. These communities shared in each others success and losses. 11 days click 0 Vote
SILENTFILM 0 SilentFilm Token [SLF] a digital currency on the Waves platform. SilentFilm Token is one of a new breed of tokens created not as a stand-alone complete currency system but instead to promote knowledge and support the economy of those involved in worthy endeavors. Silent Films were the only films made for the first forty years of film making history. Sadly, up to 70% of all silent films no one will ever see again. 11 days click 0 Vote
INDIGO 0 The FIRST MOTORSPORT Blockchain-Supported Project 11 days ftp://https// click 0 Vote
Bustcoin 0 Bustcoin It is the tokens which give the opportunity to see how the investment process will increase the size of female bust from 1x to 5x sizes. But as I all normal guys admire from our Breasts, especially their size, we like to look at them, and best of all they of course feel. Isn't it guys ? If you share my opinion, so let's support the same! 11 days click 0 Vote
GreenMed 0 GreenMed (GRMD) enables legal marijuana dispensaries to accept debit and credit cards through the use of GreenMed tokens. 11 days click 0 Vote
WOLK 0 Introducing Wolk, a blockchain-based advertising data exchange, powered by the WOLK token. Created by experts and data scientists with decades of experience in digital advertising and performance-based marketing. 12 days click 0 Vote
ODMCoin 0 Shortly: Based on current production Unique, stable and innovative blockchain product Absolute transparency at all stages Opportunity to be a shareholder at oilfield services company Innovative production technology with ecological environment in mind With over $1,000,000 invested in R&D 12 days click 0 Vote
ODMCoin 0 Investment blockchain option the oil and gas sector, Opportunity to be a shareholder at oilfield service company 12 days click 0 Vote
Bibox 0 Bibox is an overseas enterprise subject to local laws and related foreign laws. According to the latest ICO regulatory policy issued by the Chinese government, investing in ICO projects might be seen as a violation of related laws and regulations. If you are interested in the ICO projects released on Bibox platform, please consult your lawyer for advice. 12 days click 0 Vote
Upfiring 0 To ensure the fair distribution of UFR tokens, we have no pre-sale or special bonuses. The Contribution Period is the only way to acquire UFR and the rate is standardized. 12 days click 0 Vote
SAND COIN 0 The world's first electronic option for high-quality sand 12 days click 0 Vote
Billionaires-Mine 0 Billionaire Token is an Ethereum token representing the right to use the Billionaires Mine processing centre’s capacity, rent-free for 60 years, to accommodate 1 Watt’s worth of mining equipment power consumption. 12 days click 0 Vote
Riptide 0 Riptide System SSTT (Sapling-Sale-Track-Trace) will be the industry standard for easy compliance checks and will feature integrated checkout with RiptideCoin and other crypto payments. 12 days click 0 Vote
ODMCoin 0 Investment blockchain-option for waste processing in oil production Blockchain option ODMcoin is world’s first blockchain option for investing in oilfield service company No Inflation ODMCoin is not affected by inflation and cryptocurrency volatility which makes it a reliable tool to serve saving purposes and capital gains High Return Investment in ODMCoins at initial stages allows capturing up to 100% profit in returns Transparency Absolute transparency through all investment stages, produc 12 days click 0 Vote
Vitavisor 0 Vitavisor (translated as "life-watcher") it is glass allows you to see life through the eyes of other people. Each user is guaranteed to act from his real name. This allows a lot of people to simultaneously be present in the places where each of them is in the current moment and realize themselves as a single organism. Starting:
2017-10-24 click 0 Vote
Million Dollar Coin 0 is proud to announce the first commemorative crypto coin, celebrating the cryptocurrency bubble. What better way to mark the height of the bubble than by buying into a coin that has no other value than to mark the height of the bubble? 12 days click 0 Vote
BannerCoin 0 The BannerCoin project is designed to help promote the acceptance and use of various digital currencies by website merchants for purchase of their goods and services. This project will enable the acceptance of digital currencies by these merchants. 12 days click 0 Vote
PRIDE Gaming 0 PRIDE Gaming is the only crowdfunded eSports organization in history. Traditionally, eSports teams are formed when multi-millionaires decide to venture into competitive video gaming. 12 days click 0 Vote
LOCI 0 We are changing the way we all invent and the value of an idea as a whole. We specialize in simplifying the patent search process and utilizing unique visualizations to further understand the landscape of ideas. 12 days click 0 Vote
Big Data Coin 0 Big Data Coin is a cutting-edge, blockchain-based and smart contract embedded cryptocurrency leveraging on individual’s e-footprint on electronic devices. E-footprints are hashed regularly and hash keys are safeguard in a network of full nodes. 12 days click 0 Vote
Alphathereum 0 Mining at a large scale where economies of scale can be achieved can be very profitable to shareholders. 12 days click 0 Vote
Tokenlab 0 Tokenlab is an integrated system to create Tokens and assets on the Blockchain. It includes the ability to start ICOs with smart contracts designed with time-locked distributions built in to protect investors from funds being dumped on the market. 12 days click 0 Vote
Mining Token(MTO) 0 The goal of this crowdfund is to develop a self sustaining crypto-currency company which will be used to launch a series of products that include a mining operation, token exchange and competitive gaming platform. Mining Token (MTO) does not need it's own blockchain so for efficiency MTO will be an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. 12 days click 0 Vote
Value Coin 0 Value Coin is launching its ICO, we invest your cryptocurrency in the stock market with the goal to generate double-digit returns. We've been generating 29.5% annual returns since 2008 (we doubled your investment every 3 years or so, multiplying it by 10 since 2008). 12 days click 0 Vote
SERATIO 0 The Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance (CCEG) is the world’s leading think tank on the movement of value. Established in the UK with academic networks across Europe, Asia and the Americas, we have developed a vision for a Circular Economy based on Values. 12 days click 0 Vote
QUINTEK 0 QUINTEK Document Verification Platform aims to facilitate instant document verification which will be used to validate truthfulness of various documents (Educational Credentials, Government and Corporate Documents, ID’s, etc.) without having to contact the document issuer directly. 12 days click 0 Vote 0 A global platform for players to trade their digital assets, supporting the trading of G coins, and future ICO projects with support from 12 days click 0 Vote
GOAL BONANZA – Football Betting Revolution . Oct 1, 2017  () 0 Goal Bonanza is a self-regulating, blockchain powered football betting platform based on ERC20 token standard. 12 days click 0 Vote
ClickAuto 0 ClickAuto - the world's first complex information system, for save (fixing) car history, build with car owners, business owners and public state services, at blockchain technology 12 days click 0 Vote - IM App That Sells Your Unused SMS 0 We are developing Birdchain - messaging app that allows You to take a piece of that *enormous* pile of money. The idea is very simple. Download Birdchain app and allow it to send promotional or transactional messages. Whenever your local company will launch SMS campaign, you will get paid. You will receive money for every SMS message that was send from your phone. Starting:
2017-11 click 0 Vote
COIX 0 The new generation of coin exchanges is here and we believe that they need to be with no commission. The idea is that traders will make orders for buy and sell coins and they will receive the exact amount of coins they ordered, and at the exact price of the order, if the order is to be filled. 13 days click 0 Vote
Leverj 0 Leverj aims to use blockchain technology to create a decentralized trading platform in order to improve custodial and counterparty risk, as well as to avoid identity leaks. 13 days click 0 Vote 0 – is an international trading platform used to insure the rates of assets cost and arbitrage. The company offers the users a chance to use the cryptocurrency for commercial business without a fear of losing money when the currency rate fluctuates. To make it so the user chooses the cryptocurrency, the dates and the total amount of money for insurance and we implement a strategy. 13 days click 0 Vote
Pally 0 Pally is the first decentralised social travel ecosystem in the world. Our technology enables travellers to create friendships and access authentic experiences in new cities through local people - using direct peer-to-peer payment 13 days click 0 Vote
ProsperiProp 0 ProsperiProp is an African fintech initiative that uses cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies to invent next generation financial products for the global market. 13 days click 0 Vote
HireMatch 0 HireMatch connects Job Seekers and Job Finders using the Blockchain and our cryptocurrency 'HIRE'. 'HIRE' is a Utility Token, so we WELCOME U.S. CONTRIBUTORS. 13 days click 0 Vote
INDICOIN 0 Indicoin is a platform independent, autonomous social service DApp for a community of people who really want to contribute for the society. 13 days click 0 Vote
Riptide ICO 0 Riptide System SSTT (Sapling-Sale-Track-Trace) will be the industry standard for easy compliance checks and will feature integrated checkout with RiptideCoin and other crypto payments. We are dedicated to providing this system with your help and providing it FREE to all our future customers in this industry. 13 days click 0 Vote
INDICOIN 0 "Indicoin- Blockchain redefining Social Service" is an autonomous cryptocurrency and a 1st ever social service platform that enables users provide social proof to the community through a decentralized, unbiased and transparent voting process thereby incentivizing and encouraging the user to create an inclusive community of people who are incentivized to do socially positive and constructive tasks. 13 days click 0 Vote
DME: Dome Global Wi-Fi Network 0 The Dome platform will allow user to share their Wi-Fi network and get tokens for it. Platform usage would lead people to use the Dome Platform to compensate their internet payments and even to earn from it! 14 days click 0 Vote
Papyrus 0 Papyrus is the world’s first fully comprehensive and highly scalable decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising which radically improves programmatic advertising stack to provide efficient, transparent and mutually beneficial environment for users, publishers, advertisers and decentralized application (dApp) developers using blockchain architecture. 14 days click 0 Vote
SqPay CryptoInvestment in Real Estate 0 SqPay offers a model of profitable investments in commercial real estate and shifts the traditional investment model (with a high entry threshold and tax complexities) to the environment of using Ethereum technology and digital tokens (on their basis). SqPay tokens are backed up by real estate items. 14 days click 0 Vote
COINDEX 0 Reliable, diversified, representative and accurate crypto market indexes. We are the S&P for cryptoworld. 14 days click 0 Vote
Whizz Coin 0 Whizz coin is the first cryptocurrency solution that allow users to both invest and spend crypto assets. The core products of Whizz coin, Whizz Edge and Whizz Card, enable users to split their cryptocurrency holdings in to investments and everyday use. 15 days click 0 Vote
Snovio 0 Snovio is providing high-quality leads thanks to the use of blockchain technology and crowdsourcing data collection methods. The idea of decentralization, which lies at the heart of Snovio, solves problems faced by traditional lead generation methods by attracting tens of thousands of people from around the world to collect and update the system’s data. 15 days click 0 Vote
CRYDER 0 The first decentralized taxi platform for freelance drivers. Starting:
2017-10-20 click 0 Vote
ICON 0 ICON is an interconnecting blockchain network. ICON can connect independent blockchains without the use of additional third-party intermediaries. Various blockchains can communicate with each other through the ICON platform. Starting:
2017-10-20 click 0 Vote
SELFPAY 0 SelfPay allows sellers to accept cryptocurrency payments using change management strategies and our credit card point of Sale mobile application. 15 days click 0 Vote
BitConscious Foundation 0 BitConscious Foundation is a decentralized charity blockchain platform that provides the sustainable and cost efficient solution to charity. It fully utilizes the advantages provided by the blockchain technology ensuring greater transparency, no transaction costs, instant settlements, direct interactions with donors and security of data in charity sector. 16 days click 0 Vote
Betrium 0 Betrium is the solution developed by group of entrepreneurs and MIT & MIPT graduates offering the first partly-decentralized worldwide betting service (betting exchange & sportsbook) with zero-commisions accepting crypto-currencies and offering platform for event organizers, developers and third-party service providers. 16 days click 0 Vote
Emphy 0 Emphy is decentralized blockchain lodging ecosystem. Blockchain technology along with smart contracts provides safer, faster and more affordable way to rent properties for vacations. 17 days click 0 Vote
[ANN][ICO]COMSA: the ICO Solution for Centralized Businesses 2 Adopt Blockchain  () 0 18 days click 0 Vote
RxSmartCoffee 0 RxSmartCoffee token (RXSC) is a Waves based decentralized token that represents Rx Smart Coffee Inc’s assets. Rx Smart Coffee has selected Waves as the platform of choice to create Rx Smart Coffee’s token due to its simplicity, friendly environment and its robust infrastructure tailored to non-traditional cryptocurrency users. 18 days click 0 Vote
Camelgram 0 Be independent! Be free! And Save!! Camelgram has been working on solving Crypto-assets' Last Mile problem for the last 3 years and need your assistance to move from POC stage to production, build-out and roll-out. Camelgram is all about serving merchants to join in the rapid growth of digital assets. 18 days click 0 Vote
Agora 0 Based upon Ethereum for the logic and IPFS for the content, Agora is the first market thought in the interest of all parties. Register on it using your current Ethereum Wallet and then you can buy or sell over the marketplace*. 19 days click 0 Vote
Startima 0 We are Startima, and we have quite an ambitious aim - to TURN BETTING AND LOTTERY EVENTS UPSIDE DOWN forever! Keeping that in mind, we have built our platform, applying blockchain technology, in order to ensure transparency, fairness, and confidence in gambling and playing lotteries. 19 days click 0 Vote
✅[ANN]✅[preICO]💪[ROCK]💪 Ice Rock Mining - The most profitable mining  () 0 What Is Ice Rock Mining? Ice Rock Mining is a cryptocurrency mining operation that claims to use “the natural gift of the mountain” to help them solve a number of mining problems, including “cooling, power consumption and construction of capital facilities.” Using a cold mountain as its mining environment, the company claims to have no cooling costs. They also claim the cost of electricity is just $0.03 per kWh 19 days click 0 Vote
WORDCOIN 0 Word Expert - International decentralized exchange for translation, content writing, SMM and SERM services with payments in WordCoin. The services, provided by our platform are in high demand and give multiplicative effect, being combined on the same resource. 19 days click 0 Vote
SNAPAYCOIN ICO!!  () 0 SnapayCoin is a utility token that can be used in the Snapay Ecosystem and at participating merchants. SnapayCoin can be earned as rewards. ICO Sale live on WAVES DEX 20 days click 0 Vote
Flipz 0 Flipz – is a smart e-commerce platform with smart contracts, a unique rating system of vendors based on blockchain technology. The platform allows the customers to buy goods and services online, using cryptocurrency. 20 days click 0 Vote
NITRO 0 NITRO is a blockchain-powered platform to democratise the utility of video-games economy. Starting:
2017-10-25 click 0 Vote
FIINU BANK 0 Fiinu is a Blockchain based British Bank undergoing authorisation processes with the Bank of England to become a fully licenced bank by Q3/2018. 21 days click 0 Vote
Feenix 0 Feenix is a peer-to-peer (P2P) distributed file-transferring platform designed to enhance the way files are shared between users. By decentralizing the file-sharing process, Feenix completely removes the middleman and allows users to directly exchange information via the blockchain network. 21 days click 0 Vote
ALTOCAR 0 AltoCar service connects passengers and drivers. The main feature is the ability to add drivers to the 'Favorites', and to use only their services in the future. The service operates in the B2C and B2B segments. For two years of operating in the taxi market of Kazan (Russia), AltoCar company has launched and is running: service of drivers by subscription, service for corporate clients, service for individuals. 22 days click 0 Vote
FTCOIN 0 Digital ecosystem FTCoin is a digital project based on blockchain technologies aimed to create a decentralized investment and trading system. 22 days click 0 Vote
PlusCoin by DS PLUS 0 DSPlus - Mobile app, DS PLUS exists for little more than a year and it already became a strong player in the field of lead-generation and mobile marketing. It encourages people to purchase goods and services from those sellers, who are willing to show loyalty to their customers. 22 days click 0 Vote
Tlind 0 First of all launching as a marketplace, "Tlind" is aimed at the creation of the whole ecosystem of services that will make it an assistant in daily worries ensuring safe and seamless connection between life and things that we love and use every day. 22 days click 0 Vote
Tlind ICO 0 Tlind is an application for smartphones based on the theory of six handshakes, the theory according to which any two persons on Earth are separated only by five levels of the common acquaintances on the average (and correspondingly by six levels of connections). 22 days click 0 Vote
UQUID ECOSYSTEM 0 UQC is a decentralised virtual currency based on the ERC20 - token, one of Ethereum Technological trends. The goal of this blockchain asset is to supplement the development of UQUID Ecosystem. 22 days click 0 Vote
Tlind ICO 0 Use Tlind to get new contacts. It provides you with intelligent search of necessary contacts and recommendations. 22 days click 0 Vote
BitIndia 0 Bitindia will be a platform powered by the blockchain technology providing a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet for India. BitIndia will be the most suitable and secure way of buying and selling Bitcoins, Ethereum ,Ripple that are cryptocurrencies or digital assets with the help of Indian Rupees; to trade or keep the digital assets as savings. BitIndia will let its users to purchase, sell , secure and trade Cryptocurrencies in India with the indian currency. VC Token Swap is only for VC's. 23 days click 0 Vote
FinTab 0 The Accounting System for Cryptocurrency Portfolios. Keep a record of cryptocurrencies and analyze the current state of your funds on various exchanges and e-wallets with the help of our system. 24 days click 0 Vote
FinTab 0 Keep a record of cryptocurrencies and analyze the current state of your funds on various exchanges and e-wallets with the help of our system. 24 days click 0 Vote
Safe child future 0 Today, you can contribute to the change of the world. Your investment will be completely beneficial. Moreover, you will help to boost the European economy. However, we are not going to limit ourselves with Europe, therefore, the most probable next step is the United States. Anyway, let’s start from the beginning! To begin with, as we are fully aware that road safety is the key factor, we will make our children safer. Your investment will be beneficial. Our business plan is unique, but simple. 25 days click 0 Vote
Pally 0 Pally is enabling its community to experience the world's cities in a way that is social and authentic. 25 days click 0 Vote
GISC LoanCoin 0 Global Investment Service Corp is an existing company with a variety of products and programs including non-recourse stock loans, equity lines of purchase, structured transaction financing and convertible bonds. With the emergence and fast progression of the cryptocurrency landscape comes cryptocurrency lending as a service. 25 days click 0 Vote
Stater 0 The first crypto market Network. Stater is creating three mobile applications and two market platforms promoting P2B (peer to business) and P2P (peer to peer) transactions using Stater as a form of payment. 26 days click 0 Vote
WORLD of BATTLES 0 The international industry of eSports ranks among the world’s most rapid growing and highly profitable markets. 26 days click 0 Vote
CREDEROOM - a digital era fintech company - ICO Campaign 0 Join the creation of state of art fintech EU wide company. Old fashion lending business meets modern digital technologies. Each CDRT token holder will be eligible for earning Ethereum crypto currency as Main Company profit equivalent or sell CDRT token to CREDEROOM back for market value. Profit equivalent will be distributed each year in October. 27 days click 0 Vote
Hearthy 0 With Hearthy we want to create a decentralized, open and sustainable ecosystem to improve health care access to everyone, regardless of income, making health care efficient, agnostic to jurisdiction and user-centered. 27 days click 0 Vote
EloPlay 0 Esports platform allows players to organize and participate in tournaments with decentralized prize pools. The Eloplay team has managed to develop and test a set of hypoth- eses, and to bring the project to life in 18 months. 27 days click 0 Vote
Publica 0 Publica - Blockchain revolution for the publishing economy. Publica will fuel an ecosystem of the third parties necessary to publish and promote high-quality and high-value books-editors, cover artists, illustrators, marketers and so on. By backing their ecommerce transactions on the blockchain Publica will bring trust and liquidity to the ecosystem. Peer-to-peer. Starting:
2017-10-25 click 0 Vote
EROSOCOIN 0 The EROS Blockchain (“EROS”) is committed to develop a payment solution for the blockchain industry different from all cryptocurrencies. 27 days click 0 Vote
The Praetorian Group 0 The Praetorian Group's PAX token is a totally unique cryptocurrency because it is backed by real assets. PAX will be cryptocurrency's first sound money cryptocurrency. Starting:
2017-11-01 click 0 Vote
Metalleum 0 Metalleum (MET) is a decentralized cryptocurrency for trading, holding and selling precious metals. Metalleum (MET) will be released based on the Ethereum blockchain platform. 27 days click 0 Vote
Arbi 0 Arbi - ICO Escrow Service #1. Our mission is to protect investor's funds during ICO and to provide a full range of legal services to ICO teams. Starting:
2017-10-30 click 0 Vote
Javvy 0 The Ultimate Cryptocurrency Exchange and Wallet everyone should be using! Starting:
2017-11-01 click 0 Vote
DIMON COIN 0 Keep it simple, FUD doesn't need complexity! Based on the ERC20 standard, Dimon Coin can be bought, held, and transfered as a classic Ethereum token. 27 days click 0 Vote
TombCare 0 Today different applications have appeared for many spheres of life and it simplify the life for customers and performers: taxi, food ordering, hotels booking, housing rent, etc. But the sphere of ceremonial services is still left in the basket. 27 days click 0 Vote
Globus 0 Multiagent systems consist of thousands of independent, independent intellectual agents capable of perceiving the situation, making decisions and interacting with each other. Such systems are arranged according to the "swarm" principle, like a flock of starlings or a swarm of bees: each bird in the pack is independent and can affect several individuals nearby, but none of them sees the complete picture. 27 days click 0 Vote
Coinlancer 0 Coinlancer is a decentralised job market built on Ethereum platform, which empowers burgeoning freelancers and clients from across the globe. The traditional ways of freelancing don’t seem to work anymore. 27 days click 0 Vote
Copy Trader 0 Copy trader is Decentralized app deployed on ethereum blockchain and act as a peer to peer marketplace between expert traders (who want to monetize their skills) and newbie traders (who want to trade successfully without any experience and skills ). 27 days click 0 Vote
BIT-X 0 We bring to your attention BIT-x - it's a decentralized exchange of crypto-currencies based on your own blockbuster. Here you can buy, sell or exchange your crypto-currencies for other or for fiat money. 28 days click 0 Vote
TRUCK COIN 0 TRUCKCOIN is a digital currency developed by GoldenHill International Limited. GoldenHill is a reputable organization with around a decade of experience in the creation of real-world blockchain development. 28 days click 0 Vote
SLOT 0 One round of Slot consists of 100 entries to the Slot smart contract, each costing 0.1 ETH. Once 100 contributions have been recieved, the smart contract randomly allocates prizes to 8 of the contributors and sends it directly to the samr Ethereum wallet from which the contirbution arrived. 28 days click 0 Vote
CopPay 0 CRYPTOFYING YOUR BUSINESS! Multicryptocurrency payment platform for businesses, consumers & community. 28 days click 0 Vote
B2BX 0 B2BX is an aggregator of cryptocurrency liquidity for marginal trading, trading with physical delivery and distribution of liquidity to brokerage companies. 29 days click 0 Vote
Cash Poker Pro 0 Cash Poker Pro is a modern poker room with a network structure and a mechanism for fast and confidential money transfers based on the blockchain technology Starting:
2017-10-26 click 0 Vote
RATEI.CO 0 is the first ICO auction built on blockchain technology, with detailed information regarding past, present, and future ICO projects. By incorporating blockchain technology, we provide a fully transparent platform encompassing all transactions taking place on the platform. 30 days click 0 Vote
Livebetcoin 0 Livebetcoin is a coin built on the NEM platform, it will be the leading gambling website, using a large array of cryptocurrencies. 0 days click 0 Vote
Cooonet 0 Cooonet is a blockchain-native platform designed to facilitate and host a comprehensive range of peer-to-peer digital service exchanges — a completely digitized economy using a marketplace model. Starting:
2017-11-08 click 0 Vote
DreamTeam 0 Dreamteam is the first Esports and Gaming recruitment and management platform that uses blockchain & smart contracts to unlock a multi-billion dollar economy based on the DreamTeam Token. Starting:
2017-11-13 click 0 Vote
SOFIN 0 International fiat platform for P2P loans based on blockchain. Starting:
2017-11-06 click 0 Vote
[ANN][ICO][PCC]First platform for adult services  () 0 PCORN is an ambitious project for development of adults services platform, and launching of new high-tech services for adults industry. 1 days click 0 Vote
DMARKET 0 DMarket is a global marketplace to turn every virtual item into a real commodity. 1 days click 0 Vote
Unolabo 0 Unolabo Skillmarket is a platform where anyone can act both as customer and contractor. During registration each contractor specifies a list of their skills and becomes available in the search. 1 days click 0 Vote
PornCorn Coin 0 We are team of professionals, who believe in great future of advanced entertainment services for adults. We developed advanced platform for adult entertainment services, known as PCORN platform. Now two services already launched live on PCORN platform. These are streaming web site and porncorn android app. Hundreds of thousands people around the world already using our services. We believe, that adult entertainment services should be and will be at the cutting edge of technologies as 4K and 8K video content, 3D and Holographic video, VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and AI (artificial intelligence) and even more not yet known directions. Blockchain and cryptocurrency is one of such technologies. We are, PCORN, is the first live adult entertainment project, with live products, but not just promises, which will be integrated with blockchain technology. Blockchain technology to be integrated into PCORN platform and all its services, including web site and porncorn android app. We are issuing PCC coins (tokens), a cryptocurrency, which will be accepted as payment currency for PCORN services, free traded at exchanges, and furthermore PCC will be accepted by others adult entertainment services providers. With employment of blockchain technology and launching PCC coins, all our users will gain new level of privacy, confidentiality and security protection of their money while using adult services. 1 days click 0 Vote
Unolabo 0 The company was established in Hong Kong in 2015 and is in a legal position. Has a partner relationship with the Russia’s biggest search and payment system Yandex. 1 days click 0 Vote
PCC 0 PCORN is an ambitious project for development of adults services platform, and launching of new high-tech services for adults industry. The project introduces PCC coins (tokens) for mutual settlements for adults services. 1 days click 0 Vote
SGA Consulting 0 SGA Consulting services – innovative, fully automated service providing trade recommendations for opening/closing positions on the financial markets with for profit clients. 1 days click 0 Vote
DivM Group 0 DIVM Token is the financial instrument based on blockchain technology. Our investors receive dividends quarterly, and as owners of ordinary shares (DIVM tokens), get the right to vote at the distribution of the company's profits. The company management implements a mixed investment strategy aimed at minimizing financial risk with an average level of income. Starting:
2017-10-20 click 0 Vote
Happiest at work 0 The working system happiest at work will be the set of methods, knowledge, experiences with the main aim to create a safe, stable, and secure future working system, characterized by the stable benefit to the investors. Starting:
2017-10-23 click 0 Vote
Synapse AI 0 Synapse AI is creating a decentralized data and machine learning marketplace and exchange. This will allow anyone to contribute data, train machine learning models, and be compensated for both. Starting:
2017-10-21 click 0 Vote
[ANN][ICO] ARToken — Decentralized AR/VR ecosystem for 3D content exchange  () 0 Cappasity is a well-trusted player in 3D digitizing and its applications for augmented and virtual reality. Cappasity is to revolutionize the AR/VR industry by proposing an innovative solution- a platform where users and businesses benefit from easy creation and exchange of 3D content at a competitive price. It is the first platform that leverages blockchain infrastructure to create, rent and sell 3D content. This approach ensures decentralized and trustless copyrights’ storage and exchange. Starting:
2017-10-25 click 0 Vote
Confideal 0 Confideal is an anonymous service, which allows you to carry out quick, cheap and safe international transactions without participation of third parties. Starting:
2017-11-02 click 0 Vote
DreamTeam 0 DreamTeam is the first global platform that will skyrocket the growth of Esports by providing an all-in-one solution to build, grow, manage, and monetize your team. With the unlocking of blockchain & smart contract technologies, DreamTeam offers a unique solution and builds a multi-billion dollar economy around the DreamTeam Token. Starting:
2017-11-13 click 0 Vote
DeckSwap 0 In the digital card game community pro players spend tens of hours creating quality content in the form of deck guides. The market for this kind of content is huge with the top 4 deck list sites generating 68 Million visits a month. DeckSwap is the first marketplace that lets users buy and sell deck guides using Deck Coin (DEK) as the basis of all transactions. Starting:
2017-10-24 click 0 Vote
EZMarket 0 The ezmarket is a marketplace base on blockchain technology. We serve for trading digital assets: code script, plugin, tutorial guides, themes, templates, photos,... 6 days click 0 Vote
ZEUS (Pre-ICO) 0 ZEUS - First EcoMining in the World! Project combines garbage recycling factory which generates electricity from waste products and mining farm that works on that electricity. It is not only eco cryptocurrency mining, but also sale of heat, fertilizers and recycled materials. Starting:
2017-10-25 click 0 Vote
EZMarket 0 The ezmarket is a marketplace base on blockchain technology. We serve for trading digital assets: code script, plugin, tutorial guides, themes, templates, photos,... 6 days click 0 Vote
VIRTUAL GAMES FindGet 0 Игровая система для путешествий или просто прогулок по городу. Возможность получить скидку на обед, бесплатный кофе или ценный подарок. Играй, зарабатывай валюту, обменивай на призы и подарки. Находи, изучай, захватывай, получай. 6 days click 0 Vote
UNION 0 UNION is a new Ethereum Smart-Contracts governed ecosystem that applies Blockchain technologies to engage all segments of the population with small and medium business around the world that will allow you to scale and develop blockchain platform in new directions, including a system of generosity from the users, which will allow you to make small donations in any place and in any way, and charity is firmly embedded in the everyday life of millions of people around the world. 6 days click 0 Vote
BIDDERCOIN 0 Bidder Coin is a decentralized bidding engine that brings peer to peer buying and selling for everybody at no cost. Bidder Coin aims to remove middle man and trade fee when it comes to buying and selling by means of auctions. 6 days click 0 Vote
KickCity 0 KickCity plans to connect everyone in the crypto-world through reward-based communities on blockchain. KickCity protocols will allow for the creation of value communities where information and content can be exchanged simultaneously without third-parties. Facebook + Slack on Blockchain. KICK-tokens are smart standard ERC20 tokens which implement Bancor protocols, providing asynchronous price-discovery while maintaining continuous liquidity by using constant ratios of reserve tokens. Starting:
2017-10-26 click 0 Vote
SILKOS 0 is developing a online marketplace where costumers can buy and sell their products in trade for digital currencies. 7 days click 0 Vote
GMP Project 0 GMP is an ambitious international project aimed at creating a network of metrology centers and innovative technology clusters. 8 days click 0 Vote
CLOUT 0 CLOUT is a blockchain based platform intended to promote crypto communities growth. CLOUT is committed towards providing users with quality information about this massively growing space. 8 days click 0 Vote
Howtotoken 0 Howtotoken is the first expert-driven crypto community based on the advertisement revenue model. If you are an expert in field of crypto, join us. Increase your awareness in the crypto community and get tokens for your participation. 9 days click 0 Vote
Athena 0 Many companies are searching for software that can increase trading revenue with emotion monitoring of past data to predict the future in the financial markets. This includes the use of various advanced neural networks and the recognition of events that influence the market. 10 days click 0 Vote
UDIAR 0 Online copyright registration and intellectual property turnover services based on the distributed blockchain depository. 11 days click 0 Vote
Pump and Dump 0 Pump and Dump Coin is an ERC20 token inspired by UET. These coins have absolutely no value apart from the artificial value created by the traders. The total money being raised by the ICO is hard capped to $15,000 and that will be all the money backing the token at the time of ICO. 11 days click 0 Vote
JOKES 0 We decided to create JOKE Tokens based on Ethereum ERC20 standard to give everybody the possibility to have his own JOKES. 11 days click 0 Vote
FinTab 0 We are creating a system which is going to have a user-friendly design and a broad functionality, realizing the features that no other service has up to this day. Besides, we already have a working beta-version of our service. Our goal is to become the biggest multi-platform cryptocurrency accounting service one year from now. 11 days click 0 Vote
TRIVE 0 Triveâ„¢ solves the problem of fake news. Triveâ„¢ is a social science consensus engine that researches and clarifies facts through Human Swarmed crowd wisdom. 11 days click 0 Vote
Venture Investment Capital 0 Venture Investment Capital is a democratic, collective and transparent venture investment fund, which is based on blockchain technology. Starting:
2017-10-21 click 0 Vote
Hero 0 HERO radically changes todays centralized way of online betting. The token enables you to join or create games on the ethereum blockchain. The design of HERO enforces active and passive income streams for all participants in the ecosystem. This transparent and decentralized way of betting breaks the traditional "the house always wins" paradigm. 11 days click 0 Vote
PAYFAIR 0 PAYFAIR is a decentralized escrow platform for making cryptocurrency transactions between two parties. It is ensured with PAYFAIR tokens (PFR) based on Ethereum blockchain Low fees for making a transaction, its safety and privacy Saving time when making a transaction, no third parties or bureaucracy Starting:
2017-11-01 click 0 Vote
Swarm Market 0 Swarm is a decentralized threat intelligence market made possible by Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain technology. Starting:
2017-10-30 click 0 Vote
PAYCENTOS 0 Paycent is a global mobile dual e-wallet that can be funded by cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin) with high liquidity and fiat currencies within the same mobile application. 11 days click 0 Vote
Playkey: Decentralized Cloud Gaming Platform 0 The Playkey idea is to create an ecosystem for cloud gaming based on P2P and blockchain technologies featuring: -Dozens of independent owners of powerful computers worldwide (miners) united within a community, and acting as cloud gaming service providers; -A single universal ecosystem cryptocurrency — the PKT token— which will be issued via the ICO; -Unified high standards of cloud gaming service (SLA) set in the form of a miner-gamer smart contract; -A governing and community regulating body — Playkey Foundation, the issuer of the PKT token, responsible for service and ecosystem development. All parties benefit from participating in the Playkey Ecosystem: -Miners get an efficient option to utilize their computational capacities that is more efficient, more stable, and less risky than cryptocurrency mining; -Gamers will be able to choose the best and closest server for playing; -Game developers and publishers will expand their client base. Starting:
2017-11-01 click 0 Vote
Tmrrw 0 Time Tokens will be used to purchase the Houses of Tmrrw & goods from the Marketplace of Tmrrw (which will only sell products that can be traced on the blockchain from material to final product) as well as from the stores that we get to accept Time Tokens. 11 days click 0 Vote
Render Payment 0 The introduction of this white paper and ICO presents an opportunity to introduce the Render Payment Ecosystem to the world. The vision that will be presented has been stirring in my heart for some time and started from a simple conversation where a business associate in a high-risk industry was sharing their problem in finding reliable, secure, and cost-effective Merchant Services. 11 days click 0 Vote
Beeqb 0 BeeQB — ecosystem for turning every company around the world into a crypto currency market. Starting:
2017-11-01 click 0 Vote
Crowdholding 0 Crowdholding is a decentralized open innovation platform that connects entrepreneurs and the crowd, allowing them to give feedback on products, services, and ideas in return for future revenue via our YUPIE tokens. Crowdholding enables the crowd to validate the product, become customers and share awareness about the product or service. It allows startups to listen to their customers directly and tailor their efforts in the right direction. Starting:
2017-11-01 click 0 Vote
Power 0 The Power Group aims to provide social media and digital marketing services to build more awareness of cryptocurrencies and how we will develop a user friendly platform to filter the vast amount of information available to those entering the crypto market and to those already operating within it. 12 days click 0 Vote
CCORE 0 Ccore is a Crypto Payment Platform that allows people who have cryptocoins / altcoins to spend them on various fiat based online services and stores without losing value on the exchange. Starting:
2017-11-01 click 0 Vote
CarTaxi 0 The average age of vehicles on roads has increased, resulting in more repairs and towing services. In the next five years, revenue for the repair and towing industry is expected to trend higher. As the economy continues to rebound, disposable income rises and more people go to work, roads are expected to become more crowded. The more cars on the road and the longer the lifespan of these cars, the greater the likelihood of towing companies services being required. 12 days click 0 Vote
UAHPAY 0 Hold, spend and exchange multiple currencies, including BTC and ETC. Access and manage your funds Worldwide, Top up your card with a bank transfer, debit or credit card, BTC or ETH. Gain access to a Global Crypto Currency banks for loans and Mortgages. UAHPay will be the first Ukrainian Government Regulated Exchange & Cryptobank 12 days click 0 Vote
SMART MIRROR ANNA 0 We want to bring the IoT world and the blockchain together to build up the first successful crowdfunding of a real and tangible product that each and everyone could afford and desire in their house. 12 days click 0 Vote
POSMiningCo 0 StakePool is an ERC-20 Ethereum token representing the right to the staking power on the network. uses POS mining along with masternodes to get the highest return on investments. 12 days click 0 Vote
ROCKCHAIN 0 Rockchain is building a privacy-centric decentralized network for data processing, while keeping all private data local. Starting:
2017-11-01 click 0 Vote
Power 0 We aim to take a revolutionary approach to the crypto market by providing a 360 experience consisting of Digital Marketing & Media Solutions, an Information Hub & a multimedia streaming platform. 12 days click 0 Vote
TripAlly 0 Imagine arriving at your destination with instant access to internet on your devices, currency exchanged and your ride ready? With the TripAlly platform this stress free and streamlined arrival is no longer imaginary—it’s real. 13 days click 0 Vote
ESL Coin & Try English App 0 The history of our ESL group is intertwined with the history of Bitcoin, itself. It started as a small Meetup in Vancouver for ESL students to practice speaking with each other and local Canadians, making friends along the way. Starting:
click 0 Vote
ARNA Panacea 0 ARNA Genomics is the innovative biotechnological company engaged in R&D and launching on market methods of oncological diseases early detection using blockchain-ecosystem ARNA Panacea. Starting:
2017-11-19 click 0 Vote
FAIRLORIS 0 Moderation of web system content exceeding a certain limit is very difficult or non-existent. Nowadays social network users and users of other web systems with huge amount of info are reluctant to create high quality content that can be useful to others. The main motivation is random reaction of community members. 15 days click 0 Vote
KELA 0 Kela is backed 100% by real diamonds. Because, unlike even fiat currencies, there is a use for the physical asset itself. Not only are diamonds used in jewelry, they are also used for industrial purposes, in medicine, in food and in energy. Starting:
2017-11-06 click 0 Vote
Global Jobcoin 0 Global Jobcoin for Employers & Employees. A decentralized coin to pay for services related to employment. Starting:
2017-10-28 click 0 Vote
AmberPort 0 Using funds raised by ICO, we plan to open retail stores in airport DutyFree zones around the world, as well as on cruise liners focused on the Chinese tourists. At present point we achived initial approval for opening exclusive amber outlets on NCL and Celebrity cruises dedicated for Chinese tourists 17 days click 0 Vote
NEEDLE COIN 0 Needle una valuta sicura, privata e di nuova Generazione 17 days click 0 Vote
SPIN TOKEN 0 Spinbackup, a Google Cloud partner and leading cloud cybersecurity and cloud-to-cloud backup solutions provider for SaaS data, announced today the upcoming launch of its blockchain-based solutions for cloud-stored data and single sign-on access. 18 days click 0 Vote
Tokenza 0 Tokenza is a decentralized fundraising and freelancing platform. We help people fund creative ideas and bring new inspiring projects to life. Starting:
2017-11-08 click 0 Vote
FREED 0 FREED is the monetization platform for online games by using gamer's PCs in an open grid computing system. Starting:
2017-11-09 click 0 Vote
Monaize 0 Monaize is the first decentralized initial coin offering built on top of the Komodo Platform. This will allow for people to purchase directly from a stand alone app which will utilize atomic swaps, making this the first ever dICO using this technology. By participating in the dICO token holders will receive rewards for holding the token using an automated system that pays out based on the number of account openings per month. We offer an online banking platform which will provide business to business (B2B) banking accounts to freelancers and small businesses. We make the process of opening your business' bank account easy by making a process that formerly took five business days and meetings with account managers at branches of traditional banks and change it into a five minute process! As an international banking platform, we will be working with the compliance agencies for each nation we move into with our first two jurisdictions, France and the United Kingdom. Partnered with some of the biggest names in finance, such as BitPay and Mastercard, we will bring integrated banking solutions to all of our clients. The process for opening the account, managing your finances, and getting insurance for your company will be integrated into the mobile phone app from our extensive list of partners allowing any small business or freelancer to thrive! Starting:
2017-11-10 click 0 Vote
Open Longevity 0 Each of us wants to extend youth and improve the quality of life, our own and our loved ones. We all know, that the risks of so many diseases increase with age. We offer you to reduce these risks by performing the diagnostics in time. 21 days click 0 Vote
BTCSEARCH 0 BTCsearch is a search engine. For each entered query or viewing ads Satoshi are accrued. 21 days click 0 Vote
CryptoFund 0 The Fund was created to implement management technologies with an immaculate track record in classical finance combined with rapidly growing crypto assets, and realize their fantastic potential. Starting:
2017-11-13 click 0 Vote
WIRELINE 0 Wireline — a startup based in New York and founded by veteran software infrastructure engineers with advisors from Google, IBM, Amazon, and Salesforce — is developing this platform using proven foundational technologies and currently deployed by businesses around the world. 26 days click 0 Vote
A-TOKEN 0 Some time ago, our team was looking for a new financial instrument for cryptomarket just like indices, futures, but we did not find it at all. Then we have created an idea. Idea to make financial instruments easier, to make crypto-market better, and to create a reference point for community. 26 days click 0 Vote
LWF 0 The LWF project is based on a simple yet complex concept, aimed at decentralised logistics, where anyone can be a user or a service provider. Starting:
2017-10-23 click 0 Vote
Global Crypto Bank 0 Bank of the future combining convenience of plastic cards and independence of blockchain for 2 billion transactions. Global Crypto Bank is founded under the jurisdiction of Switzerland – the state most loyal to private capital and solving problems with it, as well to cryptocurrencies. Starting:
2017-10-30 click 0 Vote 0 - Earn TRENDS with your style, fashion and attire Starting:
2017-11-04 click 0 Vote
GraphGrailAi 0 GraphGrail AI is an all in one, full cycle solution. It offers all necessary data preparation tasks, including text parsing, cleaning, our AI designer for building linguistic models, testing facilities, machine learning and neural network tuning, and a decentralized app marketplace to make money with the platform. You will not need any other service. Starting:
2017-12-17 click 0 Vote 0 Everybody is talking about hi-tech like blockchain, AI, machine learning, big data, smart-contracts. But the fact is that all this hi-tech is available only to corporations or specialized IT companies. 0 days click 0 Vote
SMART CONTRACT SALES 0 SALES is the native token of the Smart Contract Sales platform and currency fuel of the platform. 0 days click 0 Vote
2017-11-21 click 0 Vote
Pandora 0 The simple and intuitive payment method which makes safer and completely anonymous all crypto-currencies. Free, decentralized, anonymous and secure. 1 days click 0 Vote
Giga Giving 0 Giga Giving is building a platform which will provide a new way to make donations, conduct charitable campaigns and fundraisers, all in a completely transparent and publicly accountable way; but more than that, it’s also a new way to connect people and their donations to those who need them with fewer transactions, less cost, and less complexity. Starting:
2017-11-15 click 0 Vote
PrettyCoin 0 You don't need to join crowd sale in order show your support to our project. Also you can join our Bounty Campaign! 2 days click 0 Vote
Hashtiv 0 TIV was developed to connect new and existing users to our cryptocurrency wallet, giving each user the ability to store, purchase or send currency on our platform with an identity. This is our first step in mainstreaming cryptocurrency to the world. Starting:
2017-10-26 click 0 Vote
COVESTING 0 Investors from around the world can compare the performance of hundreds of professional crypto asset managers and mirror their trades automatically. Starting:
2017-10-20 click 0 Vote
ALLOY 0 ALLOY is a Cryptocurrency backed by Blockchain-based Global Rewards Network that brings Consumers, Brands and Publishers on one platform, to mobilize $360 bn worth Reward points that go unredeemed every year. Starting:
2017-11-25 click 0 Vote
ALLOY 0 Real World Rewards for Virtual Currencies to mobilize $360bn worth Reward points that go unredeemed each year through Global Rewards Network that brings Consumers, Brands, and Publishers on one platform. Starting:
2017-11-25 click 0 Vote
Routrip 0 RouTrip is a complex of software products that allows you to build the best route for your trip. Starting:
2017-11-13 click 0 Vote
AB-CHAIN 0 AB-CHAIN is a new generation advertising network that allows advertisers to buy ad space from publishers using cryptocurrencies. Starting:
2017-10-23 click 0 Vote
Ankorus 0 Ankorus will begin accepting contributions on the 25th November 2017. Interested paties can contribute cryptocurrencies to Ankorus, which will be the only form of contribution accepted. Starting:
2017-11-25 click 0 Vote
CryptoCopy-Platform 0 CryptoCopy is tracking everything: investors, smart contracts, tokens and transactions. There will be no transaction done, no ICO announced that will not be in CryptoCopy database. Starting:
2017-11-11 click 0 Vote
[BOUNTY] Affiliate platform | 50% Bonus - social media 0 7 days click 0 Vote 0 The world's first decentralized affiliate platform Starting:
2017-11-27 click 0 Vote
FLIPZ 0 Flipz – is a smart e-commerce platform with smart contracts, a unique rating system of vendors based on blockchain technology. 9 days click 0 Vote
BMchain 0 The project presents a decentralized platform for active participants of the largest business community in Russia and the CIS, which will allow to apply in practice the advantages of blockchain technologies. An ability to create your own blockchain application for any business with the necessary logic based on the developed TokenAPI solution without the need to study the technical level of blockchain will be an additional feature of the BMCHAIN platform. 10 days click 0 Vote
Whiteboard.VC 0 Whiteboard.VC will invest a small amount of money in a selected number of pre-ICO startups. Our team will be working intensively with them to get the company into the best possible shape and refine their ICO pitch for a global market of investors 10 days click 0 Vote
Arousal 0 Arousal is a global exchange with a OTC market that allows users to trade Bitcoin Ethereum and ALTCOINS with Legal Tender. It is an innovation as an exchange to accept the OTC+EXCHANGE model and encourages guarantors to participate in resolving OTC trust issues. Starting:
2017-11-01 click 0 Vote
SPACEICO 0 We expect constant growth of the SpaceICO token exchange rate. This is due to the fact that SpaceICO plans to receive 5-20% of profit from all ICO campaigns with a minimum charge of 1,000,000 USD for a successful campaign. 11 days click 0 Vote
BetOpen 0 The Friendly Bitcoin Sportsbook 12 days click 0 Vote
BlockMason 0 Until now, it was only possible to move money on the blockchain in the form of cash. Bitcoin democratized the transfer and storage of money, and Ethereum democratized the creation and storage of monetary contracts. With the Credit Protocol, BlockMason has taken the next logical step in the decentralized economy: an open source product that democratizes currency creation through indelibly recorded debt and credit obligations between parties. 12 days click 0 Vote
Decentralized Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS TOKEN) 0 The goal is to establish a universal premium DFS platform on the blockchain network. Our ERC20 token enables you to play unique games, allowing you to cash out your winnings on exchange networks. 12 days click 0 Vote
Tourist zone 0 The project of the Tourist zone «Forest glade» invites all interested parties to participate in the organization's cost-effective, social and productive development of the Altai Republic. 12 days click 0 Vote
SmartGames 0 BizWorld is a new collectible card game for mobile devices and desktops with a true-to-life simulation of business environment. Game mechanics are based on the experience of doing business from the perspective of team and event management. 12 days click 0 Vote
Peyton the Pet 0 for tracking pets, buying pet supplies, and interacting with other pet owners. 12 days click 0 Vote
WardZ 0 A universal reward token with loyalty options, referral links, reputation system, low cost automatic smart contracts, and NFC POS compatible wallets. Free to integrate to any app. 12 days click 0 Vote
Game Player Coin 0 1, The GPC Token (GamePlayerCoin) , will be launched to the trading market for investors after the ICO is completed. 2, The Game ICO platform , based on GPC for indie game teams and third-party game teams. 3, The Game Store , based on GPC for players to buy the Game or In-Game purchase . 4, Other systems based on GPC 12 days click 0 Vote
PRE ICO TOKEN SALE NOW LIVE!  () 0 12 days click 0 Vote
AdnCoin 0 he objective of ADNCOIN is therefore to make a human genome from scratch, by deciding "its writing", that is to say by creating and associating bases, the "letters" of DNA, in Controlling their combination, to edit a complete genome, ready to be inserted into a cell. 12 days click 0 Vote
FraudTokens 0 FraudTokens will be created for the ICO and each investor will get X amount of fraud coins per Token they bought. 12 days click 0 Vote
Growers International 0 Growers International is digital currency for professional cannabis growers and entrepreneurs. It is specifically designed to benefit legal cultivators and investors around the world through a blockchain enabled software suite. The experience team will develop a unique Seed to Sale tracking system to help legal growers track their product at a reasonable rate. Our platform will also offer tools for users around the world to invest in different aspects of the legal cannabis industry. 12 days click 0 Vote
BICOMIX 0 Organization of a global Community of amateurs and professionals of Comics, BD, Manga, Manhwa, etc., developing a place where creators and content consumers could interact. The second goal is the development of a decentralized database of copyrights on all the works of graphic prose that ever appeared on earth on the basis of blockchain technology. 12 days click 0 Vote
BITRAD.IO 0 Bitradio is a community driven webradio website. Our free radio service brings together more than 30,000 radio stations on a single platform. You get Bitradiocoins while listening to your favorite radio station. You can exchange them to Bitcoin or hold them to own a share of our websites and services. 12 days click 0 Vote
MiloCoin 0 MiloCoin is an alternative cryptocurrency that will use the power of community buildig and decentralized. 12 days click 0 Vote
Webcoin 0 Webcoin is a new cryptocurrency asset based on the Waves Blockchain. Webcoin is used for peer-to-peer web and social media exchange services within the Ecosystem. helps: - Social Media Influencers to generate revenue using their profiles. - Affiliate marketers to increase ROI. - Book authors to increase book sales & readership audience. - Small businesses and Digital Marketing agencies to receive more social media engagement on their and their clients websites, social media 12 days click 0 Vote
ICONOMI 0 ICONOMI is a fintech start-up company, developing a blockchain-based ICONOMI digital asset management platform. Using Ethereum smart contracts, we started value token services in a revolutionary way. From the beginning, we have been building a different kind of company that connects people around the world through the latest disruptive ideas and provides them with a unique set of tools to take an active part in the distributed economy. ICONOMI's mission is to give everyone the chance to enter th 12 days click 0 Vote
ArabianChain 0 Our public, decentralized and secure blockchain that allows for self-executing, and globally accessible smart contracts and decentralized Apps to be developed, and for crypto currencies to be built, transacted, tracked and safeguarded over a network of thousands of connected yet distributed devices. 12 days click 0 Vote
Capricoin 0 Capricoin is a next generation X11: 1 Block POW (Proof of Work) and then full POS (Proof of Stake) coin which is designed for large volumes of transactions. Having confirmation speeds up to 75 percent faster than Bitcoin, it is easy to see why Capricoin will be the choice for mainstream adoption and use. Bitcoin has proven that the world wants Crypto Currencies. However it has many inherent flaws. Let’s look at these flaws and how Capricoin is designed to address the issues. 12 days click 0 Vote
Cachecoin 0 CACHecoin is a unique scrypt coin based on some of the best principles cryptocurrency has to offer.We like to think of CACHecoin as a global currency with aspirations to reach people on a local scale. To put it simply, our goal is for people around the world to buy and sell with CACHe in their local communities.Payments are borderless and transparent, which means spending stays fair, balanced, and rewarding for everyone. 12 days click 0 Vote
KibiCoin 0 12 days click 0 Vote
Webcoin 0 Webcoin ICO - Say Hello to Digital Marketing 2.0! Our team is revolutionizing the way how the world does marketing. 12 days http://https/ click 0 Vote
FinTech Token 0 All professional crypto investors or crowdsale projects founders experienced the fear and fury of extreme volatility in cryptocurrencies markets. The solution is a technology from the “old business”: portfolio risk management. And you can become the part of the revolution in the pre-sale on the 12th of September at 5PM CEST. X8 project is connecting the “old business mentality” with the blockchain world by offering investors, entrepreneurs and businessmen a solution that disperses their crypto 12 days click 0 Vote
IMXcoin 0 Our decentralized network aims to be a fungible and untraceable digital medium of exchange. Impact is a cutting edge p2p digital network. Transactions are lightning-fast at just 60 seconds confirmation time. 12 days click 0 Vote
Starta ICO 0 Starta Accelerator is an acceleration program launched by Starta Capital VC Fund in 2015. Mission of Starta Accelerator is to empower Eastern European frontier technology companies through exposing them to USA market. The program was customized for Eastern European founders aiming to adapt to cultural and business environment in the US, complete and define product/market fit, get traction and become part of local startup and investing ecosystem in the U.S. 12 days click 0 Vote
CREDO 0 CREDO invites you to a new world where everyone can make shopping with great discounts and no borders. CREDO is the key to the traditional financial systems for cryptocurrencies. CREDO gives huge profit for partners and especially for token-holders due to its perfect financial model and flexibility. 12 days click 0 Vote
Aidos Kuneen 0 Aidos Kuneen is an open source project that focuses on privacy, decentralization and scalability. Lets face it our financial privacy is in danger, banks and goverments not only want to keep record of how we spend and store our money they are also prone to having this records leaked or using the information to enforce their power. This is where Aidos comes in: being secure, private and untraceable. 12 days click 0 Vote
FujiCoin 0 FujiCoin is a crypto currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. FujiCoin is an open global payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities. Mathematics secures the network and empowers individuals to control their own finances. FujiCoin features more faster transaction confirmation times. And it's transactions are pooled together in the blockchain, making them anonymous from the wallet unlike Bitcoin/Litecoin. With substantial indus 12 days click 0 Vote
Freicoin 0 We're asking for your help in creating a new crypto-currency, once with real value and lasting benefits. The idea of a demurrage currency has been raised before on this forum, but for those unfamiliar the idea is simple: apply a continuously-assessed fee to all accounts (4.4% APR, in this case), and distribute the proceeds from that collection to the miners. 12 days click 0 Vote
ISLAND Project 0 Buy an Island token during Pre-ICO and get a 30% discount on tours to the Island forever. Purchased on Pre-ICO for $ 1 tokens, we will pay for the tour for $ 3, or you can sell them to someone who is going to buy a tour to the Island. Tokens of the Island are available at the DEX of the Wavesplatform. 12 days click 0 Vote
QASH Token Sale 0 QUOINE's LIQUID platform is a financial utility that will benefit the entire crypto economy. At QUOINE, we believe the crypto token economy will become the future of the financial world and liquidity lies at the heart of such incredible transformation. LIQUIDITY is the creation we believe will bring liquidity to the currently illiquid crypto space. This is where token issuers, token holders, innovators, and users of next generation financial services all benefit and contribute to Liquidity. QASH Token Sale is an opportunity for investors to participate in the growth of LIQUID. QASH can be used as Crypto Token users can pay for services on all of our platforms; and as a tradable Crypto Token on the open market. QASH can only be purchased on Starting:
2017-11-6 click 0 Vote
ASSPACE TOKEN [ASP] 0 - decentralized social network web application for IoP (Internet-for-Pleasure) intended to unite professionals with open-minded youngsters in adult content production. We a ready to overturn the traditional adult content market by giving an opportunity to recive especialy made for particular person content by oun made scenario with blockchain rights registration. We offer new in maintaining constant social activity on - stimulation any User's action by ASP. Starting:
2017-10-25 click 0 Vote
ASSPACE TOKEN [ASP] 0 - decentralized social network web application for IoP (Internet-for-Pleasure) intended to unite professionals with open-minded youngsters in adult content production. We a ready to overturn the traditional adult content market by giving an opportunity to recive especialy made for particular person content by oun made scenario with blockchain rights registration. We offer new in maintaining constant social activity on - stimulation any User's action by ASP. Starting:
2017-10-25 click 0 Vote
Elite 888 0 Elite 888 (a limited supply, high-end collectible token) will be distributed through an initial coin offering starting on October 9th, 2017. Only 888 tokens will be created and each token is valued at 8 ETH. Due to limited supply, all tokens are expected to be sold before the end of the offering period. Elite 888 is an ERC-20 token, built on Ethereum, the popular cryptocurrency and blockchain system. 18 days click 0 Vote
PEERDAX EXCHANGE 0 For the safety of your asset, we created an insurance fund to ensure the loss of property can occur on the floor. This is the first time a trading platform building this, our top target is assuring users peace of mind about their money. 22 days click 0 Vote
BelugaPay 0 Beluga Pay developed a whitelabel payments app for Pioneer, a Dupont (NYSE:DD) company. 26 days click 0 Vote
BelugaPay 0 Beluga Pay powers all kinds of merchants, big and small. 30 days click 0 Vote
BANER 0 BANER — fully ready commercial project, which can start earning the first money now Functioning website, effective team and aggressive business model. We have developed a unique system for recruiting staff and reducing unnecessary costs. 6 days click 0 Vote
LuckyToken 0 The online lotteries today are huge but despite overwhelming popularity, they’re not equipped to make sure that the fun stays clean. LuckyToken, however, is a decentralized lottery based on the Etherium blockchain. 13 days click 0 Vote
NEXWarrior 0 Modular open-architecture gaming platform for VR-gaming equipped with BCI, different interchangeable controls and upgradable DOF modules for any type of battle machine games; Variety of modules starting with simple armchair with built-in VR system up to 6DOF 360° revolving platform with vibration feedback; Our own VR-MMO NEX Warrior (Neural EXo-skeleton Warrior); Set of SDKs & drivers for game developers; Starting:
2017-12-01 click 0 Vote
Kiking off movie 0 An investment project for shooting the second part of the cult movie Kicking off.War for Peace (Okolofutbola). 15 days click 0 Vote
EBS 0 International investment infrastructure for businesses and private persons Starting:
2017-11-01 click 0 Vote
The Memessenger 0 The Memessenger is a company of the IIDF ( portfolio. IIDR is the largest Russian venture fund offering an acceleration program. The Memessenger successfully passed the acceleration program, proving its high potential. World’s first messenger with memes instead of words. 6 days click 0 Vote
YOVICOIN 0 Today yobit has lauched a new coin called YOVI, it works with a new kind of market that allow price only to increase. 13 days click 0 Vote
RHOVIT 0 RHOVIT is a hybrid cloud and blockchain based platform with an earn and spend economy built upon an ERC20 Token called an Rbit. 13 days click 0 Vote
RadJav 0 RadJav allows developers to create native multiplatform applications quickly and easily with nearly the same look, code, and performance across Windows, Linux*, Mac OSX*, and HTML5. Within the same environment developers can send and receive funds over it's built-in blockchain using XRJ coins. 13 days click 0 Vote
Hotdog Token 0 By buying tokens you are supporting someone's love for hot dogs and all his hot dog driven friends. 13 days click 0 Vote
[ANN][preICO] ABR | Augmented bionic limbs from decentralized labs  () 0 ABR is a chain of decentralized labs conducting research into the field of human-machine interface and bionic engineering. Collaboration with the best specialists and laboratories, fast hypothesis verification/hypothesis testing, using flexible methodologies help to shorten the new technology development process from 5-7 to 1,5-2 years. 13 days click 0 Vote
BITCOMO 0 BITCOMO is a first decentralized CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate marketing network, with our technology stack supported by Blockchain. 13 days click 0 Vote
ZAPPHIRE COIN 0 Zapphire Coin is the future of virtual currency; the cryptocurrency system that is integrated into social media and developer forums such as facebook,Instagram, Twitter, Ponstamag, etc 13 days click 0 Vote
Enko 0 EnKo is an innovative approach to sex services market with the use of up-to-date technologies. 13 days click 0 Vote
SHOUCAIR 0 The First ever luxury token, built on the ethereum blockchain. 13 days click 0 Vote
UNIVERSA 0 Universa is a new generation blockchain protocol, which has every potential to become a significant landmark in the development of a blockchain industry. 13 days click 0 Vote
Cryptonetix 0 Cryptonetix will be the premier blockchain assets management, analytics, funding and resource platform for the Cryptocurrency markets built on the ETHEREUM Platform. We will provide a web-based application platform in addition to mobile for managing, investing, trading and learning about the Cryptocurrency markets. 13 days click 0 Vote
CoinsOpen 0 CoinsOpen is a privacy-oriented P2P exchange with embedded smart-contract coin mixer that is poised to boost Ethereum ecosystem in a way LocalBitcoins did in case of Bitcoin. And we don't just offer a concept - you can trade Ether on our exchange right now. Starting:
2017-10-20 click 0 Vote
GOLDMINT 0 GoldMint company emits GOLD digital assets on its own and ensures their buy-back at the current gold price. Physical gold and ETF guarantee GoldMint company’s pay ability. 13 days click 0 Vote
Wanchain 0 Wanchain ( aims to build a distributed future "bank." As a distributed digital-asset based financial infrastructure, Wanchain allows any institution or individual to set up their own virtual teller window in the “bank” and provide services such as loan origination, asset exchanges, credit payments and transaction settlements based on digital assets. 13 days click 0 Vote
LindaHealthCoin 0 Linda is your Virtual Medical Assistant. Linda is not a human. She’s an artificial intelligence (AI) bot. Any time you need answers to medical primary care questions, Linda is there for you instantly, in real time, as a two-way interactive communication on your mobile phone. Starting:
2017-11-01 click 0 Vote
PropX 0 PROPX is a fintech initiative that makes it possible for people around the world to buy into top performing property assets from as little as $2. This ICO is your opportunity to earn regular dividends and capital growth as a PROPX crowd fund participant. 13 days click 0 Vote
FT Bank 0 We're going through the 4th industrial revolution and we know that this time it will be different from all the previous ones. FT Bank aims to be part of this revolution by embracing and sharing the values Blockchain has to offer. 13 days click 0 Vote (SPEC) 0 We are very excited to present a new and unique ERC20 token that will facilitate the ad-hoc creation and reuse of further specialized ‘temporary’ auxcillary tokens that acts to customize a smart contract on the fly. 13 days click 0 Vote
HOWL 0 HOWL is an ERC20 compliant token that will be used with all HOWL products and services. HOWL will be implemented into our market leading applications such as HOWL Chat and HOWL Market. 13 days click 0 Vote
MasterMint Masternodes 0 13 days click 0 Vote
Vitavisor 0 Vitavisor (translated as "life-watcher") it is glass allows you to see life through the eyes of other people. This allows a lot of people to simultaneously be present in the places where each of them is in the current moment. Moreover, each user is guaranteed to act from his real name. This causes the effect of collective intelligence. Starting:
2017-10-24 click 0 Vote
LEWT 0 We have heard the calls from content creators who are finding it increasingly difficult to make a living from ad revenue and other online streams of income. The Lewt technology enables anyone to monetize any content on their website or on the GetLewt platform with little effort. The Lewt token is used to tip content creators and get paid for premium content and services you offer. 13 days click 0 Vote
ExtensiveCoin 0 We would love to grow our community.With this twitter campaign we wish to reach to a wider audience.We are working hard everyday to provide best service to our community and and to bring a better investment opportunities for everyone. 13 days click 0 Vote
OurNet 0 The Project consist of the platform (Social Network, e-Commerce, professional services and news) and its own token (General Advertising Token for the network's transactions functionalities). All transactions on the platform should be paid only with its own token(GAT). 13 days click 0 Vote
SENTINEL 0 Sentinel is a decentralized VPN Platform with a hardware focused solution. 13 days click 0 Vote
UNYT 0 UNYT is a peer to peer decentralized platform built on Ethereum and IPFS, used in order to facilitate the unrestricted exchange of goods and services on a global scale. 13 days click 0 Vote
Corgicoin 0 13 days click 0 Vote
Ingeniciel 0 Our aim is to solve several unresolved problems in the healthcare sector, especially by building an individual EMR (Electronic Medical Records) exchange platform between healthcare institutions, patients and physicians, using Blockchain technology (the underlying technology of Bitcoin, the world famous cryptocurrency). 13 days click 0 Vote
SLotto Token 0 SportsLotto (SLot) is a token secured by the wave flatform, which is totally governed by community members through voting system. The very purpose of the token is to organize lotto events. 13 days click 0 Vote
LaxmiCoin - LXM 0 With use of Proof of Work hash algorithm, Laxmi coin is similar to blockchain based cryptocurrency bitcoin. Laxmi coins created each time miner discovers a new block. 13 days click 0 Vote
Unikoin Gold 0 Unikrn built the most technologically advanced sportsbook for esports. We run the best fully-regulated and licensed esports bookmaker on the planet.
 Less than two years ago, we created a token called “Unikoin”. 13 days click 0 Vote
CHLU 0 Chlú (pronounced “clue” and Irish for “reputation”) is excited to announce here on Bitcointalk the launch of our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on November 30th, 2017. Chlu is the world’s first truly open and free-to-use reputation platform. Starting:
2017-11-30 click 0 Vote
FOMO Token 0 FOMO Token does not make any promise of changing the world with some pipe dreams. We will leave changing the world to the cleaver people that can change the world. 13 days click 0 Vote
PEERDAX 0 We would like to build an exchange with the lowest order matching fee, a trading platform for low transaction costs or may be no transaction fee while most of the current exchanges are at a fairly high cost. 13 days click 0 Vote
BioNT - Advanced Pharma Intelligence 0 The global Pharma and Biotech Industry ranks high among the most profitable industries in the world. 13 days click 0 Vote
EXSCUDO 0 Exscudo is a Financial Ecosystem that consists of 6 products working together. Each of them was developed in order to bring cryptocurrency closer to users, miners, traders and investors. It is powerful, fast and secure. 13 days click 0 Vote
ICOO 0 In the new age of digital currency, crowd-funding has become easier than ever before. The ICO has been made possible through blockchain technology, smart investments and the good will of people. 13 days click 0 Vote
Energo 0 Energo is an ecosystem that composed of a series of decentralized energy application, in order to build a DAE community (Decentralized Autonomous Energy Community) to adapt to the future. 13 days click 0 Vote
ESR Wallet 0 Universal payment and credit service with support of popular cryptocurrencies. 13 days click 0 Vote
FintruX 0 FintruX enables borrowers to create their own fully customized and simplified smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain with no code; for every contract. 13 days click 0 Vote
Bowhead 0 The Bowhead device is connected to the internet and can monitor the health of individuals at home and can also be a resource used by healthcare professionals to provide timely advice to people in need of health attention and direction. 13 days click 0 Vote
UNOLABO 0 The concept of Skillmarket is a circled (or closed) loop eco-system considering a maximum utilization of an individual’s skills.The service allows the user to claim an unlimited number of skills, with an awareness that it is not so important how well each skill is mastered – because the Skillmarket allows him to master any skill, find a job that requires the skill, and share the practical experience with other users simultaneously. Starting:
2017-11-25 click 0 Vote
CrowdCoin 0 Users who invest in cryptocurrency often have little visibility of where the value of their investment went. There are no mathematical standards for cryptocurrencies to evaluate value at this time, resulting in a lack of stabilization within the market. 13 days click 0 Vote
Solar Eclipse Token Crowdsale 0 It’s the first-of-its-kind token based Sol-ly on a solar event. Like the 2017 solar eclipse, this offering is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to invest in something that is as empty and vast as space itself. 13 days click 0 Vote
NEW MONEY 0 It does not matter what currency community you belong to, we've all wondered aloud or privately to ourselves how we are going to get blockchain technology past the small crypto bubble and to a mainstream audience. 13 days click 0 Vote
Capripay & Capricoin 0 Capricoin allows you to store value and send payments safely and securely without the need for a third party to be involved. You can either store the coins locally on your PC or Mac or alternatively, you can store your coins on a Digital wallet system such as 13 days click 0 Vote
DEUSCOIN 0 DEUSCOIN (The environmentally conscious coin) is a new peer-to-peer internet based cryptocurrency that aims to provide a low carbon footprint, environmentally friendly cryptocurrency alternatives with real benefits to humanity by providing users the means of transacting and receiving payment with clear knowledge that it was not mined using high power consuming mining setup. 13 days click 0 Vote
ClearPoll 0 ClearPoll is a great new way to have your say. Simply install the app, browse for polls, and vote on global, national or local issues. It’s quick, easy and most of all – secure. Using blockchain technology, your votes cannot be tampered with. The results of a poll are also 100% secure. 13 days click 0 Vote
Cajutel 0 Cajutel Sarl, a company from Guinea-Bissau is building infrastructure to serve the masses in west africa with high speed internet at affordable prices. Building the non existing infrastructure is at its core and provides a long term return. 13 days click 0 Vote
Belrium Blockchain 0 A public blockchain that anyone in the world can read, send transactions and expect to see them included if they are valid and they are instantaneously processed. 13 days click 0 Vote
Hope Token 0 Hope Token aims to revolutionize charities by taking advantage of what blockchain technology has to offer while still focusing on helping those in need. This means that Hope Token seeks to become one-stop store for foundation services, in the same way traditional charities are now, while using technology to instantly aid those affected by natural disasters, disease/cancer , crime, and helplessness. 13 days click 0 Vote
Yeast 0 Yeast is the crypto currency that enables C to C air ticket trading. Most airlines require cancellation fee when the flyer wants to cancel, and don't admit sell the air ticket. 13 days click 0 Vote
LiteMonero 0 We are LiteMonero, a new crypto-currency that will not revolutionize, but bring more anonymity, security and fast transactions, all in a decentralized network without any owners, without governments dictating rules, much less abusive fees, the best part, everyone can join us, we are a Team. 13 days click 0 Vote
Inchain 0 Inchain is a public chain project that is located at the bottom of the chain of commercial applications. It is the first professional chain of commercial blocks to use the ecological platform. 13 days click 0 Vote
Woodcoin 0 Woodcoin distribution is designed to more closely model renewable resources than nonrenewable. The money supply curve is designed for stability, fairness, and longevity - striking a long-term balance between stagnation and unsustainable growth. 13 days click 0 Vote
HaggleCoin 0 HaggleCoin is the just what it sounds like, the coin meant to be used by companies and consumers to barter, haggle, trade for years, decades and millennias to come! But how is this accomplished? How are we different from the rest? Well, that's what I'm here to explain to you today. 13 days click 0 Vote
BLACKMOON 0 Blackmoon Crypto provides a tokenization platform for real-world as well as crypto investment funds. 13 days click 0 Vote
Runeuro 0 RUNEURO is the first neurohardware development project to enter the ICO scene, which means that today every single member of the community can become a shareholder of the extremely ambitious and perspective BCI Corporation. The idea behind launching this hardware project’s pre-ICO (and ICO later on) is quite simple: other crowdfunding platforms (e.g. Kickstarter) are based on donation-system and the investors are not the company’s shareholders. 13 days click 0 Vote
DROPFOODS 0 Dropfoods is the premiere vending machine business in Vietnam started by Singapore's successful venture builder, Sugar Ventures. 13 days click 0 Vote
Crypto Charity Fund 0 The Crypto Charity Fund (CCF) project is aimed at creating a global animal charity ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology will be used in the Fund’s financial operations to ensure transparency of charity transactions and minimize the costs of transactional middlemen. 13 days click 0 Vote
Spot Systems 0 Spot is changing the way that payments are made by removing the need for financial intermediaries using a blockchain based platform. The blockchain based system also significantly reduces the likelihood of fraud or payment mishaps. 13 days click 0 Vote
Afterschool 0 Afterschool is the world’s first after school activity booking platform and kids’ activities marketplace to use blockchain technology, paving the way for parents to pay for their children’s after school activities using digital tokens. This gives us a head start on our competitors and on top of the rapidly moving trends in the edtech industry. 13 days click 0 Vote
Goodwill Protocol 0 Goodwill Protocol serves as a way to digitally connect diversely disconnected population through common means of digital interaction using blockchain technology and smart contracts. 13 days click 0 Vote
StayAllied 0 The StayAllied ICO is a key factor for success in trying to unite people and stand together to support the victims of terrorism. 13 days click 0 Vote
ZAPPHIRE COIN 0 Zapphire Coin is the future of virtual currency; the cryptocurrency system that is integrated into social media and developer forums such as facebook,Instagram, Twitter, Ponstamag, etc 13 days click 0 Vote
Pindex Token 0 Pindify is not just another evolutionary social network, but a revolutionary marketplace for all providers of the arts & media. Pindify’s goal is to ensure all of our Providers earn a good and decent monthly revenue from their Subscribers. Starting:
2017-10-20 click 0 Vote
GND Coin 0 GND SA (Pty) Ltd is pleased to announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire 8% of Great North Data, Canada's largest hosting company. 13 days click 0 Vote
Multicoin 0 MLC (MultiCoin) is an Ethereum-based token created by Multicoin Fintech Inc. – a registered incorporation setup in the global financial capital Hong Kong. Multicoin Fintech Inc. is run by professional fund managers and Crypto currency experts. 13 days click 0 Vote
NEBEUS 0 We believe banking as we know it, should become a commodity. With today’s tools and technology, everyone should be able to issue a loan or provide an insurance. 13 days click 0 Vote
LaLa World 0 LaLa World ("LALA") is all about migrants and their underbanked families. Its an ECOSYSTEM enabled by the LaLa Wallet as a PLATFORM, a single sign-on platform revolving around their issues and problems. 13 days click 0 Vote
Rhea 0 Rhea is a revolutionary crypto-equity hybrid token. Through the Rhea Crypto20 - our capitalization weighted index, we will enable multiple ways of hedging, speculating and investing in the cryptocurrency market without holding any individual currency. 13 days click 0 Vote
How IZETEX create Proof of Walk 0 Searching for cryptocurrency in augmented reality application IZX was jokingly called mining on the go or "Proof of Walk". If you don't know, it is a mobile game where you search for cryptocoins on the map like you do it with Pokemon, and then catch them to your wallet using your phone camera in the augmented reality mode. 13 days click 0 Vote
POTENTIAM 0 The founders of Potentiam have worked in music management for a number of years and realise and understand the difficulties involved in promoting new emerging music artists. In 2016 they founded a music publication Britznbeatz to help discover and promote musicians which continues to gain respect and recognition in the industry. 13 days click 0 Vote
Money Rebel Platform 0 All-in-one, mobile, crypto and fiat worlds connected. Too good to be true? No, too good to be late! Money Rebel - this is how you will get high quality financial advice in the crypto world. Starting:
2017-11-08 click 0 Vote
CLIMATECOIN CO2 0 CLIMATECOIN CO2 token is a new cryptocurrency that we created for Climate change action. With our “CO2” Token, users will perceive a percentage of the profits of our Organization for its participation in companies that fight Climate Change and also for the carbon credits being sold for these companies. Starting:
2017-10-23 click 0 Vote
UdiCoin Currency for Democracy 0 The United Democratic Commonwealth is a direct democracy founded by a visionary leadership, on the principles that human rights must be superior to the rights of states and corporations, in fact and law, as well as in rhetoric. 13 days click 0 Vote
BlockPay 0 Hello and welcome to BlockPay - a team of FinTech and Blockchain enthusiasts who share the same goal of improving millions of people´s lives. The Blockchain is the most disruptive innovation of our generation and it’s up to all of us to make this happen. 13 days click 0 Vote
Global Jobcoin ICO 0 Global Jobcoin (GJC) is an ERC20 decentralized token to pay for services related to employment. Using the Ethereum block chain we are creating this token for employers & employees worldwide. Starting:
2017-10-28 click 0 Vote
ThankYou 0 ThankYou will be introduced into the leading social media networks of the world and into other platforms, so that everyone will have the possibility to thank one another in this manner. 13 days click 0 Vote
MATREXA 0 Who we are? - We are a team that looks forward to create a crypto future 13 days click 0 Vote
Commodity Ad Network 0 The Commodity Ad Network is a network of creative minds — bloggers, website owners, content creators. Minds that go against the powers that be, who speak out against the corruption of governments and corporate structures. 13 days click 0 Vote
SMNX ICO 0 SMNX ICO is a truly incredible addition to a market that is plagued with scams and inadequate security measures. With its tough security and effective features, the SMNX ICO will be the dominant ICO in the industry. 13 days click 0 Vote
Elements 0 Elements (ELM) is a digital currency based on Blockchain technology with X11 Algo(Digishield) and works on Proof of Work (POW) . 13 days click 0 Vote
Ether Battle 0 Ether Battle is a transparent online platform acting as a gateway to the smart contract powering the game. By being employed on the Ethereum Blockchain, Ether Battle ensures a fair, safe & non-exploitable game environment with real monetary rewards. 13 days click 0 Vote
SmartValley 0 Our scoring system filters out absolutely all projects that have high investment risks; underdeveloped or fraudulent. With our scoring system, you can choose the best and the most reliable projects for investments. 13 days click 0 Vote
GIZER 0 GZR represents an unlockable profile item in an “unknown” state. The user can unlock tokens at any time, resulting in a randomized profile item being unlocked that can be applied to a gamer’s avatar. 13 days click 0 Vote
InGold 0 Physical Gold Reserve 13 days click 0 Vote
INGT 0 13 days click 0 Vote
ConnectWealth 0 In a society where wealth difference matters, you have the right to choose your community and people, based on wealth levels. We offer you a shelter from the social pressure that forces us to disregard people's wealth difference, which creates meaningful differences in your interaction with them. 13 days click 0 Vote
TokenDesk 0 Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is one of the latest buzzwords in the crypto-related technological wave, garnering a massive hype because of its possible prospects and application in the future industries. 13 days click 0 Vote
Flericoin 0 Flericoin is a community driven alt coin that is yet to be released. All features that are going to be added will be from the community. This means that you can ask a feature that you want included, and if it is feasible, it will be included. 13 days click 0 Vote
Aion Network 0 Aion is the first platform to connect public blockchains not only to other public blockchains, but to private enterprise blockchains. 13 days click 0 Vote
Deuscoin 0 Deuscoin is a 100% premined cryptocurrency that is based on the Bitcoin protocol with all the functionality of Bitcoin and the benefit of having a dedicated development team. 13 days click 0 Vote
Storiqa 0 Items across the world can be bought using cryptocurrency and STQ tokens. Millions of various items are made available to the cryptocurrency community – with no bank-centered high transaction fees attached. 13 days click 0 Vote
ICOT 0 Initial Coin Offering Token (ICOT) is a decentralized investment platform. We invest into start up ICO's, Market Opportunities and into Undervalued Tokens and our coin holders receive the profits! 13 days click 0 Vote
MEMTUM 0 MEMTUM platform allows users to create memorial record of their beloved and store it in blockchain network. The record is valid for almost eternity and non-editable. The one-time fee is paid for storring the record to block chain. 13 days click 0 Vote
EVENTUS (DRNK) 0 EVENTUS is the crypto variant of the plastic and paper coins that are often used at large events and festivals. People going to these events are already used to buying a different kind of currency to buy drinks and food, so the step to crypto is smaller than in other businesses. 13 days click 0 Vote
CryptoAlias 0 You get a unique alias and associate your blockchain address with it. Instead of using your blockchain address, your clients can start using your simple and personalized alias. 13 days click 0 Vote
PIRL 0 Pirl is a new cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum network. The goal of Pirl is to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers securely through an entirely automated process. 13 days click 0 Vote
Pally 0 Pally is the world's first travel experience ecosystem powered by smart-contract technology. The community exists to enable people to have authentic travel experiences, and is centred around two products. 13 days click 0 Vote
DopeCoin 0 Everyone can now Use DopeCoin to Purchase Marijuana Products found here with a 5% BONUS on every purchase by Using DopeCoin. 13 days click 0 Vote
Postbase 0 Postbase is an ambitious social bookmarking and funding project that is focused on the development of a fully decentralized social bookmarking platform that rewards users for submitting quality content. At the core of the postbase platform is the PB cryptocurrency. 13 days click 0 Vote
BITDEGREE 0 The world's first blockchain-powered online education platform with token scholarships & tech talent acquisition. 13 days click 0 Vote
Achain 0 Achain, the intelligent contract platform Born for enterprise-level distributed applications Benchmarking ETH “overturning-level” smart contract platform 13 days click 0 Vote
Indicoin 0 Indicoin is a platform Independent, self-governing social service DApp for a community of people who really want to contribute to the society. 13 days click 0 Vote
PRIVATIX 0 Decentralized and 100% autonomous P2P VPN Network on blockchain with the first Internet bandwidth marketplace powered by own crypto-economy Starting today! Finishing:
2018-06-01 click 0 Vote
BitIndia 0 BitIndia: A wallet and a crypto exchange for the streets of India. BitIndia is the most convienent and secure way to buy,sell and secure cryptocurrencies in India. 13 days click 0 Vote
Arbiz 0 Arbiz is the first decentralized multi-functional application for marketing research. The Platform tools allow you to collect and analyze data about users, keeping their anonymity. 13 days click 0 Vote
VENTANA 0 The platform that will forever change the film industry. Veredictum's vision is to reduce online film and video piracy by 80% over the next ten years – but it can’t be done with the stick alone – it also needs the carrot. 13 days click 0 Vote
Coca-Cola Coin 0 The Coca-Cola Coin is the first in a series of coins which are made to present the future of crypto-currencies, and the future of a true free market, which breaks the state's monopoly on currency. 13 days click 0 Vote
PoloBitt-SHARES 0 13 days click 0 Vote
SULCOIN KILL INDUSTRY MUSIC 0 SulCoin is a token which will be has 100% decentralized, it uses the chain of block Ethereum it has the Erc20 function. 13 days click 0 Vote
Hamster Marketplace 0 Hamster Marketplace — A decentralized trading platform focused on the sale of niche electronics and unique gadgets from manufacturers, including startups and local projects. 13 days click 0 Vote
Body flying 0 With your support, we want to set new standards in the bodyflying market. Visit the homepage of our project and convince yourself. 13 days click 0 Vote
Catch a bunch of Pre-ICOs on August 16-17 0 To become an angel, one must purchase an angel’s ticket at Also, remember to use promo code “Rodikmik” at checkout to get a 25% discount. 13 days click 0 Vote
UAHPAY 0 Hold, spend and exchange multiple currencies, including BTC and ETC. Access and manage your funds Worldwide, Top up your card with a bank transfer, debit or credit card, BTC or ETH. Starting:
2017-10-23 click 0 Vote
MONEYPOT X (MPX) 0 MPX will serve as the base currency and gateway from altcoins for BitcoinHero and Wagerpot. It will be used to open up prominent and key services for Moneypot and BitcoinMarkets. 13 days click 0 Vote
LBRY Credits 0 Ever wanted to make Crypto Moolah (LBC) just by watching videos online? Ever wanted to make more Bank (LBC) for content you created? We're here to help. 13 days click 0 Vote
ArtCoinFund 0 The ArtCoin Fund is an investor driven collective whose function is to guide the investor through the notoriously opaque art world and its nontransparent dynamics. The use of the crypto currencies will enable the investor in taking advantage of the Smart Contracts platforms for added transparency and protection. Starting:
2017-11-01 click 0 Vote
Circles 0 Circles is the social medium of the internet that creates value for both creators and supporters of digital content. 13 days click 0 Vote
STeX Exchange 0 The 1-st aggregator of liquidity All market offers and coins in one place First publicly owned cryptocurrency exchange 13 days click 0 Vote
Prosume's Pre-ICO 0 The Foundation has developed a revolutionary platform that will enable the exchange of electricity from renewable and fossil sources. It connects independent power producers, consumers, utility companies and energy communities in a locally shared market where each peer is free to interact in a multi-tenant ecosystem. 13 days click 0 Vote
Global Money Transfer Network 0 The idea of GMT Network firstly is to use the benefits of Blockchain, to reduce the forementioned costs to a bare minimum. 13 days click 0 Vote
STARTY 0 Starty launches and boosts startup. Starty solve the problem such as lack of innovative business financing by providing them with financial assistance and expert advice. 13 days click 0 Vote
FAIRAPPTOKEN 0 FairAppToken, or XFT, is an ERC20 token used into FairAppStore. With it, we are going to revolutionize traditional mobile app stores, providing many benefits both to users and developers. 13 days click 0 Vote
Sebeum 0 Sebeum is the first project on the internet that sells tokens in form of shares for the profit of contributors , it gives dividends every month. 13 days click 0 Vote
ETCWIN 0 ETCWin is a digital currency and asset exchange based on ETC chain. The exchange deals with established currencies using PoW consensus mechanism like ETC and community ICO tokens. 13 days click 0 Vote
Top Game Sters Coin 0 Top Game Sters Coin is sub linked chain of BTC that is based mathematically empowered to the gaming platform. TGS Coin allow you to join free our homebased playing game which was “Top Game Sters ”. From our plate form you gain tremendous benefits that you cannot get from others platform. 13 days click 0 Vote 0 is a decentralized affiliate network that offers shoppers a limited utlity-based cryptocurrency as a reward for making a purchase, sharing on social media or writing a review. 13 days click 0 Vote
WesterosToken 0 WesterosCoin is a technology-based blockchain service that allows you to buy real goods in our store for tokens. 13 days click 0 Vote
WishCoin 0 Spending one WishCoin you can make a wish. But don't try to use it for something evil - you will just lose your WishCoin, because it has a protection. 13 days click 0 Vote
PROVIDE 0 Provide is a decentralized ridesharing platform. Founded in 2014 as an “Uber-for-X” platform targeting large corporations in need of enterprise software. 13 days click 0 Vote
QASH - Providing Liquidity to Crypto Economy 0 LIQUIDITY, the lifeblood of every industry, is the single most important element lacking in the crypto economy today. Starting:
2017-11-06 click 0 Vote
ZeroTraffic 0 Welcome to the future of congestion management. Zerotraffic uses a cryptocoin smartphone-based democratic governance model. 13 days click 0 Vote
Izibits 0 Izibits is an apps ecosystem driven by crypto-economy and built with microservice architecture that aggregates a multitude of chat-bots to "message everything" from one place. Its a modular system application built with microservice architecture that employs chat-bot technology for interacting with users. 13 days click 0 Vote
RUcoin 0 RUcoin is an open cryptocurrency. Therefore anyone willing can become a user of the currency and voluntarily take part in operation of the network. The only thing you need to do is to download special software that will create a wallet for you. 13 days click 0 Vote
Freewatch Token 0 Freewatch Token is an Ethereum Token that will be implemented on, a new upcoming webcam live streaming platform. 13 days click 0 Vote
CombiCoin 0 The CombiCoin is what the name implies a combination of cryptocoins, very similar to an equity fund in stock market. 13 days click 0 Vote
World Index Exchange 0 WIX`s goal is to create a unique exchange platform with distributed management. By allowing its users to have a say in the exchange operations, through voting power expressed by ownership of stakes in the exchange, control is no longer concentrated among administrators and owners, but distributed among all stakeholders. 13 days click 0 Vote
Karma 0 Established in 2005, Karma had the original mission of connecting exceptional and inspirational individuals both socially and professionally through a variety of high profile experiential events, business networking events and social gatherings. Starting:
2017-10-21 click 0 Vote
KILLING CHAIN 0 Killing Chain is the world’s first multiplayer online battle royal video game developed based on crypto digital currency, published for PC and for mobile, with the battle royal as the core game feature. 13 days click 0 Vote
ODMCoin 0 13 days click 0 Vote
Bonpay 0 Bonpay team is a group of experienced professionals and crypto enthusiasts whose ultimate goal is to promote the use of cryptocurrency, make it simple, fast and secure. 13 days click 0 Vote
UTRUST 0 UTRUST is a revolutionary payment platform that empowers buyers to pay with cryptocurrencies while providing a groundbreaking purchase protection mechanism. Starting:
2017-11-02 click 0 Vote
D-WALLET TOKEN 0 D-Wallet is an innovative electronic payments service provider offering complete payment solution over Web. Our services include Exchange, E-Wallet to hold real as well as cryptocurrencies, Merchant Payment Gateway. 13 days click 0 Vote
Instacoin 0 Instacoin is the world's first blockchain-based official lottery on the social network. Instacoin is an application for lotteries on Instagram. 13 days click 0 Vote
UAHPAY 0 13 days click 0 Vote
HMC - A HARVEST MASTERNODE COIN 0 Harvest Masternode Coin is a well decentralized network of Masternodes without superfluous control and intermediaries/gatekeepers with more than 80% pure PoS Block reward phase and 150% APR which ensures lightning fast and secured transaction,multi-wallets, encrypted messaging, stealth address for complete anonymity,low number of confirmations , low fees and very low number of total coin supply for faster increase of value. 13 days click 0 Vote
Decentralized e-sports 0 As we know E-sports is now more and more popular in the world , In 2013, it was estimated that approximately 71.5 million people worldwide watched eSports. 13 days click 0 Vote
NITRO 0 NITRO is a new blockchain-based platform designed to democratise and revolutionise the video-games industry through the creation of a new crypto-currency called NOX and an integrated online marketplace called NITRO Marketplace. Starting:
2017-11-07 click 0 Vote
Fitcoin 0 We raise more than $5.000.000 for CCBC Bank. Fitcoin is the official cryptocurrency of CCBC Bank. 13 days click 0 Vote
Betstreak 0 Betstreak is committed to take online cryptocurrency gaming to a whole new level by announcing its intention to build a Multi-Coin Platform API (MCPA) that will allow players to use different cryptocurrencies to play across slots, table games, poker and sportsbook. 13 days click 0 Vote
DOC.AI 0 We are entering a world where artificial intelligence, natural language understanding and the tokenized economy have the potential to bring unmatched benefits to healthcare. We have been working on converging these three in one infrastructure (NEURON) and one currency: the NRN (neuron). 13 days click 0 Vote
NaPoleonX 0 NaPoleonX ambitions to become the 1st algorithmic asset management company for crypto investors. The value proposal is underpinned by long standing performing trading bots running on a variety of highly liquid assets. 13 days click 0 Vote
COMSA 0 In June 2017, the total funds raised by ICOs exceeded the amount that blockchain startups had raised from venture capital companies for the 12 months preceding it. A lot of businesses are looking into ICOs, but without a doubt, it is easy to conclude that this phenomenal growth has left many gaps that have yet to be fulfilled. 13 days click 0 Vote
VVTokens 0 VVTokens has created an international financial solution that provides a broad spectrum of services to a diverse array of users. For those who aren’t active participants in the centralized and heavily regulated banking industry, VVTokens will provide low-threshold access to several financial services via a prepaid debit card targeted to low-to-middle income users. Starting:
2017-12-05 click 0 Vote
ConnectWealth 0 We, the ConnectWealth Team, firmly believe in the people’s right to interact with others based on whatever factors they want. 13 days click 0 Vote
MineCoin 0 MineCoin is made with love for miners. More and more coins these days are proof of stake only. We love our great miners that do the hard work to keep a network fast and secure. We should all realize that thanks to miners your transactions get confirmed and your coins are transfered fast. 13 days click 0 Vote
ULACOIN 0 Ulacoin was born to serve the ULA application - as a general payment method. ULA is a multi-field search App. It’s serve for anyone who want ro find a taxi, a hotel, a restaurant or just only a Pharmacies. Expanding the application ULABUSINESS is what service providers use to bring their services to customers. 13 days click 0 Vote
Mobius 0 Mobius closes the gap between the internet world and blockchain world through innovative and simple protocols that introduce new standards for cross-blockchain login, payment, governance, and oracles. Starting:
2017-11-08 click 0 Vote
WOTAN 0 WOTAN service is intended for data retrieval, analysis and visualization. The service automates research of markets, businesses, industries, promising niches, as well as development of business plans and financial models. 13 days click 0 Vote
Ponsumer 0 Ponsumer can replenish stocks of goods and products at home, in a cafe, shop, in a warehouse. You can fully automate your purchase and let artificial intelligence manage your purchases. You can also buy products by yourself from augmented reality stores. 13 days click 0 Vote
Dimensions Network 0 We are building the next generation of Cryptocurrency trading platforms. Our platform will support standard coin pairs, Options, Futures Contracts, Exchange Aggregator and much more. 13 days click 0 Vote
Totum 0 Decentralized gaming blockchain, which will allow any player to earn in the gaming industry. Totum allows you to turn any internal logic of a browser, online or mobile game into a liquid crypto tool. 13 days click 0 Vote
SPHERE 0 Social Activity Token (SAT) connects businesses and people. SATs are used throughout the system to facilitate transactions within the decentralized social network. SAT must be maintained in an ERC20 compliant Ethereum wallet to take advantage of the dividends. 13 days click 0 Vote
NO MO ICO COIN 0 Free Twitter Airdrop Distribution 13 days click 0 Vote
BESTCHAIN 0 13 days click 0 Vote
MarsProperty 0 Are you ready to make the best investment of your life? The coolest land available in universe NOW FOR SALE! 13 days click 0 Vote
INS 0 INS will develop and publish the well designed website and apps for customers to implement the user side of the on-chain access to INS smart contracts and access to products listed by manufacturers on the platform. Starting:
2017-11-27 click 0 Vote
The TITANIUM Project 0 A decentralized blockchain platform that is based on novel scientific ideas. 13 days click 0 Vote
TerraMiner 0 We release tokens based on a real business. It is not a virtual investment bubble, which may or may not work. We build real mining-farms which will physically exist in a concrete place. 13 days click 0 Vote
X Real Estate Development (XRED) 0 A groundbreaking venture for Cryptocurrency Investors to join XRED in our revolutionary new way to access global investment in Real Estate property development and generate income with far less risk with added security. 13 days click 0 Vote
SAAV Games Announces Game Linked to Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Mid October  () 0 "Agamé" is a virtual world set in feudal Europe, featuring historically-appropriate battling clans and barbarian tribes. It uses military forces and strategy from that era; players will have the ability to accumulate goods such as consumables, buildings, and military resources, over time. Starting:
2017-10-23 click 0 Vote
Alttradex 0 Alttradex will be the world’s first cryptocurrency trading platform to be licensed under a traditional financial exchange licence. Built for traders by traders, Alttradex is a professional grade trading platform that can be used by both the seasoned traders and beginners, ensuring one can manage their cryptocurrency portfolio to the best of one’s ability. Starting:
2017-10-20 click 0 Vote
RadioYo ICO 0 RadioYo is building a decentralized Ecosystem for podcasters, online broadcasters, independent media and online publishers worldwide, using a cutting-edge cryptocurrency, the RAO. 13 days click 0 Vote
TASKIE (TSK) 0 13 days click 0 Vote
Wounded Warrior Coin 0 Our mission is to help fund the Wounded Warrior Project® by donating staking and miner contributed donations. Depending on the current earnings Wounded Warrior Coin [WWC] will cash-in what is earned to an exchange and transfer to USD, from there a donation will be made via paypal on the Wounded Warrior Project® Website. 13 days click 0 Vote
Mineable 0 [ANN][ICO][MBET] - Mineable Bonus Ethereum Token - new technology of mining August 19, 2017, 12:44:02 PM #1 Mineable Bonus Ethereum Token M B E T The purpose of creating this token is to enable Ethereum users to mine tokens, not just buy / transmit. Of course, mining of tokens in the classical sense is impossible - after all, in a second, millions of hashes move through the mining, and only one hash per minute can move there. 13 days click 0 Vote
ZUZ Token 0 ZUZ is a new ERC20 token that can be used for storing, trading or exchanging and whose value is backed by the joint ownership of real estate, allowing investors to also vacation in the portfolio properties according to set rules and regulations. 13 days click 0 Vote
AirToken 0 We are AirFox, the first TechStars alumni and Boston-based venture backed start-up to launch an ICO. We are the leader in reducing mobile costs for prepaid wireless carriers in the United States, having enabled over 2 million pre-paid mobile subscribers to get online. 13 days click 0 Vote
ALLOY 0 ALLOY Token & Rewards Network, our Proposed Solution is a Blockchain-based Global Rewards Catalog connecting Brands, Publishers and Consumers on one Platform. 13 days click 0 Vote
[ICO][ANN] RICH Coin Pre ICO has started!  () 0 From now on you are able to invest in RICH Coin and use early start bonus from 50%. 13 days click 0 Vote
Sand Coin 0 The goal of the project is to raise funds via a blockchain system and an ICO to develop a sand quarry in the Moscow Region. Through creating a real product based blockchain option for a low price and issuing SAND COIN, which includes entering the cryptocurrency market and subsequent buy back, we offer a profitable asset to interested buyers. 13 days click 0 Vote
FLOWERBOX 0 The first innovative floristic token for those who wants to be a co-owner of most beautiful and profitable international business. We want to raise funds to expand our business and to launch a highly profitable international franchise program. 13 days click 0 Vote
Tele2-teleport 0 We build high-speed optic channel 12700 km through Russia which will connect Europe and China. It will create extraordinary cheap and unlimited Internet speed for Europe, Russia and China. 13 days click 0 Vote
Athelas Health Insurance 0 We are the solution to arguably the most serious problem facing the United States today. Athelas is the worlds first automated health insurance company through process streamlining and our patent pending software protocol technology. Athelas is designed to reduce massive administrative costs in the industry and solve the nation's high and growing health insurance cost problem. 13 days click 0 Vote
Modex 0 Modex is a Smart Contract Marketplace and app ecosystem that allows for easy, user friendly access to crypto-currencies and smart contracts alike. Developers can leverage Modex to monetize their skills and offer Smart Contract solutions to end-customers and contributors. The real-world community can easily find Smart Contracts that meet real-world needs, are already audited and secure, without having to scout developers and manage one-off development projects. 13 days click 0 Vote
[ANN] The Original Bitcoin ATMs nationwide - CryptoCoin debit card [ICO LIVE]  () 0 Bitcoin ATM Project is the original campaign to bring crypto-ATMs nationwide in the United States and to release a crypto-based debit card that can be used at these ATMs and supporting merchants. Starting:
2017-10-22 click 0 Vote
Megabit Coin (MBC) 0 Megabit Coin is a digital currency that is unlike a normal currency. It is decentralized, so you can avoid paying outrageous bank fees. It gives you the ability to take control of your financial future. It also gives you the ability to make payments across the world with ease. It's a secure payment method similar to Bitcoin. 13 days click 0 Vote
DYNERIUM 0 DYNERIUM is aimed at making "Anyone can mine anytime" smart contract. It allows anyone to mine this smart contract anytime. Starting:
click 0 Vote
Catastrophe - FIRST GAME PRODUCT 0 13 days click 0 Vote
GODAM 0 The idea behind GODAM is to create a crypto discussion platform that is user friendly and covers all the points that other platforms are missing right now. 13 days click 0 Vote
ZWORK 0 Zwork is Ethereum Token Used as Escrow Payment at Freelance Jobs Website 13 days click 0 Vote
CarTaxi 0 CarTaxi’s strategy is to cover the global market, starting with the most convenient entry points. So, the business was started, the product tested and the service launched in the region with the most favorable conditions, minimum costs, the fastest start. 13 days click 0 Vote
Gigtoken 0 GigToken is a revolutionary system that is poised to change the way transactions are made online in terms of offering and buying premium freelance gigs. 13 days click 0 Vote
CODE47 0 Our first step will be creation of an online store where the products dedicated to series of computer games HITMAN will be presented. The main emphasis will be on selling steam codes for games. 13 days click 0 Vote
FCBFC 0 We want to give fans of our football club Barcelona (FCB) the chance to get a fan coin. 13 days click 0 Vote
LookRev 0 LookRev virtual outfitting system offers on-demand product ordering and customization services. It’s virtual try on technology helps customers trying on products with their selfies or pictures of their homes, customize products based on their personal preferences, pre-order and buy custom made products. 13 days click 0 Vote
KredX 0 The KredX App is an App that will condense the entire world of Cryptocurrency plus more down into the palm of your hand on your mobile device without loosing any functionality providing its users with a range of features/services all tied together with a new Cryptocurrency "Kredits" (KRX) which will be a Git-Forked CryptoNote anonamous currency and act as the base currency of the App. 13 days click 0 Vote
ModulTrade 0 Here small enterprises will Meet, Commit and Execute trade globally Easily, Trustfully and Efficiently. 13 days click 0 Vote
ZILLA 0 ZILLA aims to provide a safe, crowd-vetted and easy-to-use ICO platform for both token issuers and ICO participants. 13 days click 0 Vote
DigitX 0 DigitX is a new Ethereum ERC20 token which will be deployed in software and hardware applications for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. The DigitX team is focussed on building an ecosystem of real usable products which contribute to the advancement of AI and robotics - more specifically to the development of open source deep neural nets and open source hardware that is mostly 3d printable. 13 days click 0 Vote
Eco Green House 0 EGH is an innovative greenhouse complex designed for the difficult climatic conditions where vegetables grow in living earth. 13 days click 0 Vote
SAAV Games 0 SAAV Games, a software development partnership focused on “Developing Excellent Games”, today announced an upcoming MMO RTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy) game, featuring an innovative link to a new SAAV Games-issued cryptocurrency. 13 days click 0 Vote
ANONHOTELS 0 We are the first international chain of hotels offering its clients a no-compromise stay. On the one hand, top-class facilities offer their customers a wide range of services and attractions, on the other hand - privacy and safety. 13 days click 0 Vote
AxionV 0 AxionV is an agile AI crypto fund that uses proprietary algorithms and complex trading strategies to consistently outperform the crypto market. 13 days click 0 Vote
Eggs DC 0 People use the services of data center and receive a cashback at a rate of 10% tokens EGS. Tokens can be used to pay for Internet access services to our or your ISP. 13 days click 0 Vote
CamOnRoad 0 For today more than a million of drivers worldwide had installed the car DVR mobile application CamOnRoad on their Android and iOS devices. They use it daily for convenient and safe driving. 13 days click 0 Vote
DLS Academy 0 DLSAcademy is a tool that offers all you need for your professional growth, and also a way to share knowledge and get paid (or not). We are a trustless platform, which means you don’t need to trust us with your money. 13 days click 0 Vote
LandToken 0 Our goal : To maximize the development of the cryptocurrency market and the profit of token holders. 13 days click 0 Vote
CORPEDU 0 While so-called “self-paced education” market passed its zenith and entered a stagnation period, the Corporate education market is on its rise, with an estimated minimum of $35 billion in yearly revenues in digital tools alone. 13 days click 0 Vote
Securivast 0 Securivast is a deep learning algorithm based on the Blockchain that acts as a consumer grade anti-virus. It's malware database ledger is can be audited and provides and incentive for faster data processing, scanning, and consumer-business grade antivirus solutions on the Blockchain. 13 days click 0 Vote
Hicoin[XHI] 0 HICoin has many features and advantages. It has an ideal HIcoin to transfer anywhere, anytime money to friends HIcoin is a Pos(proof-of-stake) Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. 13 days click 0 Vote
VIVA 0 VIVA is a unique blockchain project with a technical design that evolves beyond Proof of Work, Proof of Stake and Distributed Proof of Stake. 13 days click 0 Vote
B2BX ICO 0 B2Broker is a platform for companies, which want to create own brokerage or trading business. Our package products includes forex broker “turnkey”, cryptocurrency broker “turnkey”, cryptocurrency exchange “turnkey”, and many others different solutions for institutional clients. 13 days click 0 Vote
PembiCoin 0 Horn has been recognized for millennia as a resilient material capable of being crafted into a wide range of useful and beautiful objects. Its timeless appeal is evident globally, from jewelry in Asia to tools in the Middle East to containers in Europe, and beyond. 13 days click 0 Vote
Global B2B Services Exchange 0 Acuitty B2B Services Exchange Platform (AxP) targets the $500 Billion technology and consulting services markets globally Acuitty Services Exchange (patent pending) solves problems related to supplier discovery, trust, idle capacity, and execution. 13 days click 0 Vote
EtherFlip 0 We have built a fast and reliable way to double your ETH, our powerful verified randomization comes from the Oraclize API - and we provide better odds than a roulette wheel at a 49.21% win rate. 13 days click 0 Vote
GAChain 0 The difference between GACHAIN and existing blockchains lies in its unique algorithm of Smart Law, which migrates existing policies, laws, and regulations to GACHAIN and has a hierarchy of administration. 13 days click 0 Vote
FOMO Coin 0 All the cool kids base their new cryptocurrencies on ethereum. FOMO coin has more lines of code than Bancor, which means it's worth even more than their tiny $3,500,000 per line of code. 13 days click 0 Vote
SOLIDUS 0 Solidus is an ERC20 next generation Ethereum Token. The generation is done in two steps. Depending on the currently active phase the corresponding amount of Solidus is created. 13 days click 0 Vote
2B4T 0 [2B4T] is a blockchain based DRM (Digital Rights Management) platform. We used a blockchain as a core technology for authentication of licensed user, had created a prototype, and now on the way to PRE-ICO. 13 days click 0 Vote
Mobius 0 Mobius connects every developer, app, and device to the blockchain economy through an easy to use bidirectional API. This simple API bridges the gap between the off-chain world and the blockchain world. Blockchain developer tools are currently hard to use, primitive, and comparable to web developer tools in the early 1990’s. Starting:
2017-11-08 click 0 Vote
HEDGE.PRO 0 The owner of the store buys the goods in dollars, and sells for bitcoins. Having opened the insurance against the growth rate of bitcoin, you can set a fixed price for the goods. 13 days click 0 Vote
PRIDECOIN 0 Pridecoin is the project that aims to develop and implement the world’s first revolutionary all-in-one decentralized social network platform that gives users the freedom to do just about anything on the same platform. Putting different features together, from entertainment and freelancing to sales and crypto banking, all under one roof, allows the user to swiftly move between activities using the activities panel (similar to news feed) without the trouble of surfing through different platforms. 13 days click 0 Vote
Reputoken 0 Announcing Reputoken - The first truly decentralized token-based reputation system that facilitates an honest market environment for transactors. 13 days click 0 Vote
Anryze 0 Distributed Network is a globally distributed computer power for Natural Language Processing. We help people to transcribe their voice communications into a text with 1 click as well as provide companies with simple and cheap solution for speech recognition. 13 days click 0 Vote
Goatse Coin 0 Goatse is one of the most famous sites in internet history. It has been visited by 10s of millions of people and is known as the internet’s original Power Meme. Today we are announcing the launch of Goatse Coin - Blockchain-Based Incentivized Meme Creation Platform. 13 days click 0 Vote
KoCurrency 0 Join 2473 other cryptocurrency and blockchain investors in a quest to maximize profit and find new crypto opportunities. Sign up to start using our machine learning platform that learns from the investment decisions of the smartest members of the crowd. 13 days click 0 Vote
BURST Asset FLUX-COIN ICO 0 13 days click 0 Vote
PLIMST 0 Self serve ad platform (Money needed to run on Rootstock) 13 days click 0 Vote
711 TOKEN 0 Made for private and corporate investors. Blockchain technologies growing very rapidly, so its prerequisites for increasing the value of all digital assets, and hence, the receipt of super profits by all participants. 13 days click 0 Vote
Meridian 0 Meridian is the first incarnation of Digital Collateral. You can use your Meridian Tokens as collateral to secure a Bitcoin loan from our platform. Because of this, Meridian is able to derive its value from activities other than price speculation alone. 13 days click 0 Vote
SCAMCOIN ICO 0 Scamcoin is a revolutionary new ethereum-based cryptocurrency that can be used to create a decentralized public ledger of shady ICO's. Our unique proof-of-scam algorithm is what powers our scam. 13 days click 0 Vote
LivesToken(LVT)&Symbiosism Economy 0 LivesToken (LVT) allows users behaviors and the surfing time on Internet to produce real economic value. Businesses can enhance user activity by disseminating LivesToken, users can obtain LivesToken through the use of products. 13 days click 0 Vote
LuxCoin 0 Each day millions of people gamble in casinos or online. This is clearly a market which rapidly needs innovation and a new way of thinking so that gambling is cheap, anonymous and accessible. 13 days click 0 Vote
Halo Platform 0 Halo Platform is the Most Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Platform Supported by Halo Coin and Network. 13 days click 0 Vote
GPLAY 0 Introducing Gplay [GPA] - Decentralized Digital Gaming Marketplace. Person to person trading in complete anonymity without the need for any 3rd partie service (middleman). 13 days click 0 Vote
EXVICA 0 13 days click 0 Vote
Guficoin 0 Guficoin has been developed by the developers group for the reason to provide a real alternative currency similar to Bitcoin. Their aim is to make the Guficoin the next bitcoin. 13 days click 0 Vote
DAEMS 0 Solved the bottle neck of blockchain messaging system that stores all the data into blockchain; introduce zero knowledge proof which creates absolute anonymity. 13 days click 0 Vote
ADBOTA 0 BotaCoin is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain which shall serve as a payment token for Adbota, which shall also serve as a payment token for goods and services to whoever wishes to accept it. 13 days click 0 Vote
SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN 0 The Institute of research and development SINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN is a Colombian organization non-profit created in order to promote the development of Blockchain technology to national, regional and global levels. 13 days click 0 Vote
SolarLab 0 Solar NanoPrinting LLC develops technologies and equipment for accurate nano-printing of various materials and has made R&D layer-by-layer printing of a number of solar cell designs that are patented. 13 days click 0 Vote
Qurito 0 Qurito is a platform for people to discover, gain and share their ideas and knowledge. The primary goal of Qurito is to deliver reliable and valuable content that is free of promotional spam or other various forms of unwanted content. 13 days click 0 Vote
MavrodiCoin 0 MavrodiCoin is here to take forward the dream of decentralized economy! 13 days click 0 Vote
SUNLIGHT COIN 0 ICO Sunlight Coin is completely open charitable project. The purpose of this project is collecting donations in cryptocurrency for further assistance to children in Ukrainian orphanages. 13 days click 0 Vote
Tropico Hedge (TPO) 0 Tropico Hedge is an open source project that uses decentralized peer-to-peer network technology and private blockchain to operate with no central authority (Untraceable and secure transactions). 13 days click 0 Vote
Casagram 0 The Casagram team did a survey to prove what rumors in the web and elsewhere claim for months to years now: The big players in the social media market are facing big problems in the near future. Starting today! Finishing:
2018-06-01 click 0 Vote
Waltix (WLTX) 0 Waltix (WLTX) – innovative solution for global market of tickets 13 days click 0 Vote
🅱️ itcoin 0 🅱️ itcoin is a meme currency that was airdropped to the /r/dankmemes subreddit members. 13 days click 0 Vote
Woleum 0 Woleum is a decentralized digital token built on Ethereum Blockchain the goal is to build a decentralized payment gateway secure, fast and easy to use, no worry about account close and avoid all payment problems we will offer extensible, flexible payment tools and API with less fees . 13 days click 0 Vote
POMPEI 0 Pompei was an ancient Roman town-city near modern Naples, in the Campania region of Italy, in the territory of the comune of Pompei. 13 days click 0 Vote
AcademyCoin 0 The online education future is here with explosive growth and rapid evolution. Over the next decade, the global e-learning market is set to reach $325 Billion. 13 days click 0 Vote 0 Unlike all the corporations the decentralized corporation allows all the willing to participate without any kind of discrimination. The corporation doesn't depend on third parties like banks or suppliers of financial services which allows it to decrease the overheads and increase the reliability level. 13 days click 0 Vote
Adbota 0 Adbota is alt for google adsense that will be raising money through Ethererum smart contract, our goal is to change the way ads and content are been consumed online by users. Adbota is going to be the new way to buy and sell ads online and is a game changer. 13 days click 0 Vote
CHECOIN 0 checoin is a fast,releiable anonymous and decentralized system of payments between persons or entities in various parts of the world. checoin came completely new for you to start mining from the first block. we'll mine our coins like the rest of the community. 13 days click 0 Vote
DEVERY 0 The Devery platform allows suppliers and consumers to prove the authenticity of their products online before purchase, essentially removing the need for ‘trust’ in e-commerce. It aims to protect brands and consumers from counterfeiting using blockchain powered product verification by providing unique, verifiable identifiers to each product throughout the supply chain. 13 days click 0 Vote
TeaToken 0 Tea Token has a mission to disrupt the outdated technology of the Tea Industry through establishing a fully transparent ledger of ownership and cutting out unnecessary parts of the supply chain by creating as direct connection from end-to-end on the supply chain as technologically possible through its peer-to-peer marketplace. 13 days click 0 Vote
Empire Card 0 By combining the perks of major credit cards that consumers expect, with the cash payments that retailers demand when completing a sale, Empire Card is attempting to succeed where rival crypto debit solutions have failed. 13 days click 0 Vote
Swapity 0 Swapity doesn't need your name, email, phone number, mailing address, bank info, or any other information for you to trade. We just need the receiving cryptocoin address and return address for your coins. Simple as that. 13 days click 0 Vote
Asiadigicoin [ADCN] 0 AsiaDigiCoin ADCN is an experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. ADCN uses a proof-of-work method in order for the ADCN blockchain network to achieve distributed consensus. ADCN Core is the name of open source software which enables the use of this currency and everyone can contribute. 13 days click 0 Vote
BETABET 0 13 days click 0 Vote
MIPS 0 The goal of MIPS is the unionization of systems by forming partnerships between us and the other companies that share the same vision to take up artists. Our resources of video streaming technologies and the platforms of ticket sales are going to be offered for the effective collaboration. 13 days click 0 Vote
Ventureon (VNN) 0 The Hypercube platform combines the whole cycle of investments in venture capital projects and helps prospective start-ups from all over the world to attract financing in the early stages. 13 days click 0 Vote
AIMWISE 0 Aimwise, a platform based on Ethereum Blockchain, is a combination of three interlinked operational sections, which will work in conjunction to transform Blockchain startups as an investable product, redefine the ICO platform as a fundraising vehicle and contribute to the development of a better quality Blockchain applications. 13 days click 0 Vote
PROEMTHEUS 0 Along with the decentralized email we codenamed New Email, Proemtheus is building innovative services for personal cloud, security and a platform for developers and service providers who will earn digital tokens for their work. 13 days click 0 Vote
Magisters of Magic 0 Magisters of Magic (MoM) - the cryptocurrency-based online 4X strategy game with elements of “roguelite RPG”, city-building and global multiplayer battles - is close to release its playable Alpha-version and to start its ICO campaign. 13 days click 0 Vote
LumiCoin 0 13 days click 0 Vote
Centra Tech 0 Centra supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies across various blockchains. The assets currently supported are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ERC20 Tokens, Ripple, Zcash, and Dash. We will soon implement a support of more assets in time. 13 days click 0 Vote
Sola 0 The Sola app is the central hub of the Sola ecosystem – a gateway for users and a way to attract a large audience to the platform. It's the Sola ecosystem's first app, built by the core team on the Sola platform. 13 days click 0 Vote
LESCOIN 0 The DAO Lescoin team announces the start of preliminary ICO from September 15, 2017. The founders plan to raise $500.000 or more on blockchain development for the timber enterprise in the Russian Far East and issue the token secured by wood stock. 13 days click 0 Vote
MONCRYPT 0 Our mission is to improve the quality of everyday financial transactions. Make them safe, instant, cheap and really clear. 13 days click 0 Vote
SISA 0 Strategic Investments in Significant Areas (SISA) is a platorm built on a unique business model which enables individual investors to participate in a pooled fund to make strategic investments in interesting new projects in diversified fields. Starting today! Finishing:
2018-06-01 click 0 Vote
Blocksale 0 Blocksale will pride itself on uncompromising protection of clients through meeting all regulatory and compliance standards. 13 days click 0 Vote
[ANN] [ICO] HOQU - the world's first decentralized blockchain affiliate platform  () 0 HOQU is the world's first decentralized blockchain affiliate marketing platform. Our mission is to make the award distribution on web partnership market clear and set new standards of clarity and effectiveness, allowing decent market players to win. 13 days click 0 Vote
FaceCoin 0 FaceCoin is a new decentralized social network that allows users to earn tokens by servicing requests. Objects are stored in an encrypted shard database with user registration running on the Ethereum smart contract system and utilizing public key cryptography. 13 days click 0 Vote
Arbitrage Crypto Trader 0 Arbitrage Crypto Trader is a desktop trading terminal for convenient trading on 2 exchange markets simultaneously. Starting:
2017-10-20 click 0 Vote
RET 0 The first global digital asset that backed by real estate. 13 days click 0 Vote
Bazista 0 Bazista is a marketplace that offers you an easy and reliable way to exchange goods and services for more than 5 different digital assets. Starting:
2017-11-16 click 0 Vote
ALTINVEST 0 The basics is pretty simple - we have been highly successfull traders on the Markets since early 2000s, but when crypto hit the scene and especially when altcoins got hot. We saw the potential - and simply took use of it. 13 days click 0 Vote
BlockStarter 0 What’s Blockstarter? In a nutshell, it is a “swiss knife” solution for ICO campaigns that we’re currently developing. Starting:
2017-11-07 click 0 Vote
RAHULCOIN 0 Disclaimer: all investments carry risk, investors assume 100% liability for any and all losses, there is no guarantee of profits, and this token does not represent shares in a company. 13 days click 0 Vote
Gamity 0 Sometimes business is so boring! We love entertainment, we love to play! So we came up with this concept. 13 days click 0 Vote
Good chance to get ThankYou! ICO ends on September 5  () 0 Blockchain technology is impacting the world and shaping the mankind future, so it is us who are in charge what the future is going to be like. The cryptocurrency world has recently been given birth to, but we can already face a number of coins with vulgar names charged with unclear ideas and aims. 13 days click 0 Vote
SolarBankers 0 A first-of-its-kind global decentralized energy system which allows consumers to generate clean energy in their homes using Solar Bankers’ photovoltaic technologies and trade electricity profitably with their neighbors. 13 days click 0 Vote
ICOBank 0 ICOBank is the new no nonsense token. No impossible projects or promises but a token made for trading. Participate in ICOBank and be automatically part of two distinct airdrop tokens in the future. 13 days click 0 Vote
Craftmade 0 We would like to introduce to you Craftmade — the first workshop-marketplace in the world, based on Blockchain technology and designed to unite creative people with those who wish to make the favorite game a high-quality product, as well as the developers who can create content of this kind not only in real but also in digital version. 13 days click 0 Vote
TexCoin 0 A revolutionary FINTECH designed to change the way that companies access and interact in the global trade marketplace 13 days click 0 Vote
TokenStub 0 TokenStub is a decentralized infrastructure for event ticket sales, which aims to disrupt the $33 billion event ticketing industry. The ticketing industry is plagued with problems. 13 days click 0 Vote
Earth Dollar 0 At the Blockchain for Impact event in the United Nations Plaza, founder of the Earth Dollar, David Kam, launches a mission to gather all the people of Planet Earth to come together to work to end global poverty and to create a more sustainable world. Starting:
2017-11-11 click 0 Vote
NOUSPLATFORM 0 NOUS token serves as a primary asset to redeem or sell equity assets of any fund built on nousplatform. Fund managers will use nous tokens to buy tokenized assets for their portfolios. 13 days click 0 Vote
RefToken 0 The RefToken platform will connect the blockbuster dAPPs of the future with the marketers & influencers that will make them mainstream. 13 days click 0 Vote
POLYGON Blockchain 0 A multifunctional quantum resilient Blockchain environment. Easy smart contracts, 8Mb Adaptive Blocksize, Ethereum & Lisk crosschain interactions. 13 days click 0 Vote
The full consensus films 0 We are the first film company established on the blockchain philosophy. New technologies in films production must have a new way of films production financing. Moreover, all of us have a right to influence the process of filmmaking. 13 days click 0 Vote
UnoCash 0 The future of banking is called Banks-as-a-Service. The UnoCash Project aims to democratize banking by potentially turning every web server into a bank. Instead of founding more regulated banks, let us found a trustless global banking system based on FinTech APIs. 13 days click 0 Vote
SigmaCoin 0 SigmaCoin is a ‘Distributed’ Trade Commerce ecosystem unlike other centralized or decentralized currencies. SigmaCoin connects exceptional startups, exporters/importers and investors improving business viability. 13 days click 0 Vote
ICO Boost with RunCPA 0 All our publishers have their own traffic within social media platforms, video blogs, e-mail marketing, forum participation, SMM, SEO, other affiliate networks, etc. 13 days click 0 Vote
Ramo 0 Our aim is to build a new satellite city with a comfortable, ecological environment and creative atmosphere, providing opportunities for development and implementation of innovative projects and technologies – the town you would want to live in. 13 days click 0 Vote
Utrum 0 Utrum is a Crowdsourced Review Platform for Cryptos. It is a social network that connects Investors, Makers, Crypto Newbies and Analysts. 13 days click 0 Vote
BioPayCoin 0 This ICO will depend on the people and what they think on the idea of using Biometric Fingerprint scanning to implement another layer of security for your wallet. 13 days click 0 Vote
VEDA Network 0 VEDA network is a cryptographic based peer to peer decentralised application platform for Enterprises. 13 days click 0 Vote
SmartContract 0 As developers begin to implement their chosen smart contract, they encounter the connectivity problem; their smart contract is unable to connect with key external resources like off-chain data and APIs. 13 days click 0 Vote
CraftR Token 0 CraftR is a mintable token based on Ethereum ERC20 Standard Token. The end of ICO will define the total amount of RFT that will be placed in circulation (total invested + 10% reserve). 13 days click 0 Vote
ETH888 0 Despite the fact that ETH888 is neither a physical casino nor playing with cash, we still respect legal issues and will deal with it after the successful completion of our ICOs. 13 days click 0 Vote
STREAM COIN 0 We are the pioneer of decentralized video streaming platform based solely on the blockchain technology. We want to challenge the status quo. 13 days click 0 Vote
DAO.Casino 0 We are pleased to announce that all the registered members can now buy the last tokens left at a special rate of 7500 per 1 ETH. Last-sale ends in 48 hours or when the hard cap is reached (2000 ETH). 13 days click 0 Vote
CDX - Commodity Ad Network 0 The Commodity Ad Network is a network of creative minds — bloggers, website owners, content creators. Minds that go against the powers that be, who speak out against the corruption of governments and corporate structures. 13 days click 0 Vote
ReMeChain 0 This is an innovative trading platform for the conclusion of safe and fast transactions of sale and purchase of secondary metals, based on the system of smart contracts. ReMeСhain solves the global problems of the industry and acts as a guarantor of transparency of transactions. 13 days click 0 Vote
Animalscoin 0 The Animalscoin ICO is a TOKEN in aim to help all animalist organizations around the world. 13 days click 0 Vote
STeX Exchange 0 Our idea is simple - and extremely complex at the same time. We know clearly how to become the hub of liquidity and central crypto exchange. Our top priority tasks are filling orders with highest possible speed at most attractive bid/ask prices and providing the convenience of all trading instruments in demand. 13 days click 0 Vote
Presearch 0 Presearch is an open, decentralized search engine that rewards community members with Presearch Tokens for their usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform. 13 days click 0 Vote
Experimental (e11) 0 Experimental is a community of developers, communicators, designers, gamers, engineers and businessmen sharing the same passion: the blockchain. We believe the potential of this technology is colossal and that the world has only seen a tiny part of it. 13 days click 0 Vote
TrueDonate 0 TrueDonate is a decentralized ecosystem, it allows social entrepreneurs, community groups, non-profit organizations and individuals to share social ideas, create projects and gather funds. 13 days click 0 Vote
Solomon Exchange 0 User friendly application and secure trade is the main aim for Solomon Exchange. In addition to that we are also allowing users to exchange their cryptocurrency into fiat currencies and bank settlement through Identity verification system. 13 days click 0 Vote
Cypher Mobile 0 Cypher aims to mix both an active lifestyle along with a monetary incentive, using both geo location and augumented reality players will be able to gain incentivised crypto. 13 days click 0 Vote
PeerMine - Mining Coin 0 PeerMine is a dual benefit coin, each investment entitles you to part of a mining power, at the end of the ICO PeerMine will be on the trading platform and you will be able to sell them and redeem a power of Mining on PeerMine or exchange it on the platform. 13 days click 0 Vote
Robomed Network 0 Robomed Network issues its own tokens to support smart contract between healthcare providers and patients. RBM smart medical contract elevates service value by granting its owner full accomplishment of clinical guidelines for specific case by healthcare provider. 13 days click 0 Vote
jNetCoin 0 The largest international jewelry business network began crowdsale of its jNetCoins. On the basis of the platform, a blockchain is set up for mutual settlement of counterparties through smart contracts, and the ecosystem includes the marketplace and the functionality for tracking counterfeit in the jewelry market. 13 days click 0 Vote
QASH 0 QUOINE, through QUOINE LIQUID TOKEN (QASH), is building a financial utility—a platform that the entire Crypto economy will benefit from and where people can participate in as both users and token holders. Starting:
2017-10-21 click 0 Vote
e-Chat 0 The e-Chat team announced the release of a revolutionary product on the ICO, which will undoubtedly interest both large investors and ordinary users. 13 days click 0 Vote
FunFair 0 FunFair is the world’s fastest Ethereum casino platform. It’s also the first blockchain platform and protocol to make online casino games fun, fast, and fair. 13 days click 0 Vote
LoanBit 0 LoanBit is a lending and investment, multicurrency and multifunctional online platform based on blockchain technology. There investors and borrowers meet each other and have the opportunity to lend money on mutually beneficial terms. 13 days click 0 Vote
Bits Digit 0 The main purpose of Bits Digit is to create a single, user-friendly ecosystem suitable for mass adoption among non-technical users, or individuals new to the Industry. 13 days click 0 Vote
SmartHoldem 0 SmartHoldem is an independent, zoomed gaming platform with a set of protocols to ensure the integrity and reliability of data storage, where all network members do not need to trust each other or anyone. 13 days click 0 Vote
EVR – Electronic Bill System 0 The first decentralized investment platform working with promissory notes. A unique service for investors and emitters: fast, profitable and reliable. 13 days click 0 Vote
Assistive Reality 0 Our company is registered and operates in Australia. At the moment we're conducting an Ethereum ICO and have been doing some media releases and an interview with ICOTalk as well as two more media interviews planned for Sunday, in order to spread the word about our technology before our fundraising kicks off. 13 days click 0 Vote
Hero Token 0 HERO's mission is to revolutionize the banking industry to make credit more readily available and affordable for the unbanked or underbanked starting in Southeast Asia. 13 days click 0 Vote
PUBLICA ICO 0 Publica aims to serve the publishing ecosystem, a global economy unto itself. The blockchain revolution is the catalyst for doing it now. Starting:
2017-10-25 click 0 Vote
Coinless 0 emerges as a response to the world speculative ecosystem of the cryptocurrencies, which adds value to what in essence has “no value”. 13 days click 0 Vote
Encrypgen's Gene-Chain Coin 0 Recently, Encrypgen, LLC announced a Token Sale for its Gene-Chain Coin. The Gene-Chain is our private blockchain for science and medicine, allowing the searching and storing of genomic information with blockchain-enhanced security and privacy. 13 days click 0 Vote
CLIMATECOIN 0 The first cryptocurrency that allows everyone to participate in the fight against Climate Change. Creating value by incentivizing environmentally responsible businesses and sharing the results through our tokens. Starting:
2017-10-23 click 0 Vote
First Crypto ETF 0 First Crypto ETF will be a type of fund that owns the underlying assets (crypto currencies) and divides ownership of those assets into tokens. Tokens will be tradable just like other coins on crypto exchanges or peer-to-peer platforms. 13 days click 0 Vote
DAG coin for IoT 0 To serve the needs of future trillion dollar IoT (Internet of Things) market, massive scale, zero-fee with nano-payments decentralized cryptocurrency will be developed. 13 days click 0 Vote
Archain 0 Archain is a de-centralised, permanent and unmodifiable archive of the internet, inside a cryptocurrency that truly scales. 13 days click 0 Vote
Bloodcoin 0 An experimental peer-to-peer internet currency that enables instant payments to anyone in the world. 13 days click 0 Vote
Ramo 0 The team of "RAMO" company has a successful experience in project launches with investments exceeding $ 30 million. 13 days click 0 Vote
SKILLBOARD 0 Skillboard aims to simplify the processes of offering and finding any online or offline skill by providing a decentralized platform which is regulated by smart contracts, where users can pay or get paid in SKILL tokens or fiat money. 13 days click 0 Vote
StreamSpace 0 StreamSpace incorporates cutting edge technologies like decentralized storage systems and blockchains, which make it the most progressive streaming marketplace in the world. Starting:
2017-10-23 click 0 Vote
Sudan Gold Coin 0 The world's first blockchain option for gold mining project’s aim is to establish the high-technological and profitable gold-mining business in Sudan. 13 days click 0 Vote
CIF 0 The Crypto Improvement Fund (CIF) is a community project which will spur the growth and popularity of the cryptocurrency market through a very simple, yet effective means. We will help businesses learn, understand and implement cryptocurrency solutions through education and SAAS offerings – all aimed at making business acceptance of cryptocurrency seamless & pain free. 13 days click 0 Vote
MERCOIN (MRN) 0 Named in honor of MERCOSUR, it is a new altcoin that was designed to be used purely and exclusively in the Latin American region. This does not mean that transactions to the rest of the world are prevented, but rather that the region is the first to adopt it as an official cryptomoneda. 13 days click 0 Vote
SPARC 0 SPARC is creating the protocol for sending and reciving JSON and Javascript based computational packages on a distributed network using web technology. 13 days click